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Gear & Apps
Lumu Power is light metering for the 21st Century
Tips & Tricks
The term ‘hacks’ has sort of been bludgeoned to death over the past few years, with every unusual way to do something referred to as a...
Gear & Apps
What if I told you that balanced exposure is easy to achieve even without cameras, lenses, and film? Allow me to.
News & Insight
Much overlooked, the light meter could be what takes your photography to new heights, and now you can turn your phone into a real one.
There have long been light meter apps for smartphones, but these have been proven to work no better than your camera’s built in meter. But a new...
Tips & Tricks
Just how accurate are the different camera metering modes? Can they be fooled? Is a lightmeter better? We ran a comprehensive test on the...
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