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20 Mar 2023




Lenstag Launches New ‘Rescue’ Chrome Extension To Help Find Stolen Gear

We have talked about Lenstag before here at SLR Lounge, but for those of you who have not heard of it, here is a quick refresher. Lenstag is an online database where you can store a list of your camera gear and their serial numbers. Then, if your gear is lost or stolen you can mark it as such and Lenstag marks that serial number as a stolen gear. So, if anyone buying gear checks the registry, they will see that the gear that is being sold to them is, in fact, stolen.


LensTag Looks To Put A Dent In Gear Theft

Getting your camera gear stolen is one of the worst feelings in the world. The truth is that many of us can not afford insurance on our gear, and thus if its stolen the buck stops at us and replacement is all out of pocket. A new website called LensTag is looking to help put an end to easy gear theft by assembling a large database of gear and who owns it.