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Photography News Adobe Releases Lightroom Classic CC 8.1 With Develop Panel Customization
By Jay Henington on December 13, 2018
Adobe has released Lightroom Classic CC 8.1 with the ability to customize the layout of the develop panel. This is a...

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Photography News Photography Tips | High ISO VS Slow Shutter Speed
By Holly Roa on March 8, 2018
The rules of today are a little different with tech advancement
Gear & Apps Sony A7s II vs. The Human Eye in Low-Light Demonstration
By Hanssie on January 4, 2016
The impressive low-light capabilities of the A7S II is demonstrated in this awesome...
Post Production Tips A Few Simple Ways to Effectively Reduce Noise Using Photoshop
By Hanssie on July 27, 2014
In the 4 minute Photoshop Playbook video below, Bryan O'Neil Hughes explains a few ways...
Gear Reviews What Is The Highest ISO I Should Use For Portraits?
By Matthew Saville on November 14, 2013
Question: What is the highest ISO I should use for portraits on the Canon 5D Mk2? Today...
Tips & Tricks How ISO Affects Your Images
By fotosiamo on October 19, 2012
ISO sensitivity plays in an important in both creating the correct exposure and image...
Gear & Apps The Sony A99 ISO Studio Test with Full Size Examples!
By fotosiamo on October 16, 2012
As a follow up to my Extensive Review on the Sony A99, I did a still life studio ISO...