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07 Dec 2022

hero 3



Pyle Audio Releases New Budget Action Cam

Small Action HD Cameras are a popular and fast growing niche market, which as we all know is dominated by a single brand – GoPro. Sure there are other brands, but nothing has quite caught on like the GoPro branded Hero cameras have. Pyle Audio just announced their own offering to the small HD action camera market – The Hi Speed Mini HD.


GoPro Announces New Hero 3+ (Black & Silver)

GoPro has positioned itself as the action camera of choice by consumers everywhere, starting with the original GoPro, to the GoPro Hero 2, and the more recent GoPro Hero 3. Today they took another step forward in their evolution and in a market with more and more competitors to differentiate themselves as the best. Today GoPro announced the Hero 3+, Black and Silver, line of cameras.