When I was a teacher, I had a 4th grader mistake a permanent marker for a dry erase marker. She wrote all over one side of my white board, and I nearly had a heart attack. The janitor easily and magically wiped it off by coloring over it with a dry erase marker, and all was well.

Kenyan rugby player Collins Injera scored his 200th try on the World Sevens Series this Sunday and celebrated by immediately pulling a permanent marker out of his shoe and signing the game ball. He then ran over to the cameraman who was filming and signed the camera lens. This is a practice that is common in tennis, except in tennis, the players actually sign a protective covering that is placed over the lens, so an expensive piece of equipment doesn’t get ruined.



The price tag on the sports broadcast lens? An estimated $94,000. According to a report on ESPN, the lens is ruined and will be quite costly to repair/replace. Perhaps, they should try using the white board marker trick. A quick search on Google also suggested that nail polish remover with acetone will remove permanent marker from glass, but using a harsh chemical like that on a camera lens is enough to make any photographer cringe. Though, if that does the trick, then it would save a broadcast company a large chunk of change.

Fast forward to the 0:33 second mark to see the moment Injera sets his sights on the unsuspecting cameraman.

[Via Pop Photo]