Over the last few years, the technology used in video and animation has improved by leaps and bounds making it easier and easier to create incredibly complex and awesome looking shots for your clients. Big business has also figured out a way to showcase their products in a way that once you see it, you immediately feel like you NEED to have it! I mean, at least I do?

It’s the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) that drives a lot of marketing campaigns these days, and Apple has certainly figured that out by telling an incredible story with each of their advertisements and adding a lot of motion to their shots. Well in this video from the team at Syrp, they’ll replicate from beginning to end three of the most popular product shots used in Apple commercials showing you how you can do the same!

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What’s Covered In This Video?

Syrp How To Shoot Like Apple SLR Lounge 2

In this fantastic video from Syrp, the team will walk you through how to create 3 of Apples “trademark” advertising shots;

  1. The Hero ShotSyrp How To Shoot Like Apple SLR Lounge 5
    • A Key Close-up shot showcasing the “reveal” of the new product in a sleek and sexy way. Showing the viewer _finally_ what the product is going to look like while upping the “wow” factor.
    • The Syrp Team breaks this shot down into 3 steps as well as detailing all the gear used to capture it including the lighting.
  2. The Detail ShotSyrp How To Shoot Like Apple SLR Lounge 6
    • This is to show the best or key features of the product. Whenever you launch a product, especially if your audience is familiar with previous versions, they want to see exactly what’s new! The detail shots dive into these new features and get up close and personal with the product!
  3. The Context ShotSyrp How To Shoot Like Apple SLR Lounge 1
    • This is the shot to “seal the deal” and hopefully, will drive you to buy! Placing your product into real-world scenarios to give the viewer a relatable context hopefully finalizing their decision making them want the product. To do this you’ll want to show your product in a variety of everyday-life events where you’d normally see it used. Typically a wide shot with lots of action in the background.

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Finally, the Syrp team will walk you through the post-production and go over a few tricks and tips used to clean up and “Beautify” the product a little more than you’re able to do on set. I know I know, we hate the “we’ll fix it in post” line, but sometimes that’s exactly what you have to do! Then the last step is to choose some music to add an additional punch to the whole production

So what do you think of the video? Did you pick up anything for your next video shoot? Is there something you’d suggest trying to changing to work better? Let us know in the comments below.

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