So here’s something fun. Earlier today Profoto dropped a new video teaser for an upcoming product announcement on September 18th. Below that video, the following text & link;

“Soon the world of photography will change forever.

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I’m not gonna lie, I may have signed up immediately, BUT that being said, the question remains, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS THING?  Check out the video below and see if you can figure it out?


Well? What do you think? I was searching through Reddit and the theories are all over the place. IT looks like a 5 light LED? But what is it? A small unit like all the standards Strobes with a mount? Is it magnetic and able to stick anywhere? Is it an on camera flash? Or even more crazy? Is it a on-lens-“ring-light”???

I know these images are dark, but it’s the best I could capture from the screencaps with their video. So below i’ve got two images of the “profile” silhouette of this product. I can’t see any mounts or cables, but I can see that this thing looks REALLY tiny.


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Then we get to see the light(s)!


And that’s it? That’s the best we get until the 18th. But from what it seems it looks to be a 6 Light LED. Now as far as the theories of what it could be? The best guess that I can come to grips with is it’s a point source continuous LED light with HOPEFULLY, the power and colour accuracy of a Strobe like the B10. That’s pretty much a pipe dream at this point, but it’s a dream worth having.
What do you think it could be? Let’s hear your best theories in the comments below.

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