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David Salahi

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Dave Salahi is a photographer, Photoshop artist and Photoshop instructor in Southern California. In a previous life Dave was a software developer and still does some website development work. His website, The Photo Performance, features Photoshop tutorials and other photography info.





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Insights & Thoughts
Although HDR has often been used to create garish, oversaturated images, it certainly doesn’t have to be used in this way.
Prius Headlight
Last summer, I started a photo-a-day practice to help me improve my skills as a photographer and I found it very valuable. I found that shooting...
Surfer Scene for Photoshop Content-Aware Scale
Post Production Tips
Many Photoshop users are familiar with the Content-Aware Fill and Content-Aware Move features, but are less familiar with the Content-Aware Scale...
Koken Portfolio Site Example
Tips & Tricks
There are a variety of options for building portfolio sites including popular choices like SmugMug, PhotoShelter, Squarespace and WordPress. With...
The Luxor in Las Vegas
News & Insight
Photoshop World, which ended Friday, was an exciting mix of learning, networking and inspiration.
Inner Space Series 4
Gurudarshan Khalsa’s photographic art is as stunning as the story of her head injury and the healing journey which followed. Read on to see how a...
In the video below, Mark S. Johnson demonstrates the process of layering a model's photo onto a wintry scene with a tree and some birds.
Post Production Tips
How can you be sure you’re not sacrificing image quality with file compression? Read on...
Insights & Thoughts
A trend that is becoming ever more common—the reuse of photos and other intellectual property without prior consent.