For just over a year now, we’ve had to find new ways to engage our craft and grow as photographers, whether on a personal or professional level. One of the greatest rewards from pushing through, I think, is the newfound appreciation we have for things that we used to take for granted, not the least of which is gathering together with others. As photographers, much of our finished work exists in the digital realm, but it’s our experiences and the relationships we develop in the real world that often inspire the work we create. That said, I find it absolutely refreshing to see the in-person return of one of the most inspiring photography events of the year: PHOTOPLUS 2021.

After a brief transition to an online format in 2020, the three-day photography and video event that is PHOTOPLUS is back with all of the inspiring demos, photo walks, hands-on gear stations, and networking opportunities that we can only get at an event of this size. If you’ve never been, then I highly recommend making 2021 your year.

Essential Information:

  • Where: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, NYC
  • When: Sept 30-Oct 2, 2021
  • Expo Pass Cost: FREE before 9/30, on-site passes are $25
    • Full access to PHOTOPLUS show floor.
  • Photo Walks: $59 pre-sale (before 9/30), $75 on-site
    • A two-hour hands-on opportunity limited to 10 people each that focuses on teaching participants to sharpen their observation and composition skills while shooting alongside an industry leader.
  • Register Here:

4 Reasons to Attend PHOTOPLUS 2021

  1. Ignite Your Passion
  2. Get Hands-On with Gear from the Industry’s Leading Manufacturers
  3. Master Your Craft
  4. Take Advantage of Unmatched Networking Opportunities

1. Ignite Your Passion

As creatives, one of the most worthwhile reasons to attend an event like PHOTOPLUS in 2021 is to get inspired. Afterall, inspiration is the spark that ignites our creativity. It’s what drives us to create something from nothing and make the world a more beautiful place. I can tell you from experience that passion and inspiration thrive at PHOTOPLUS, the biggest photo and video event in North America.

You’ll discover in the details below that PHOTOPLUS provides something for everyone, from professional photographers and advanced amateurs to students and enthusiasts. As a result, it’s a one-stop shop for finding the knowledge, inspiration, and gear that can help you ignite your passion and grow as a photographer.

2. Get Hands-On with Gear from the Industry’s Leading Manufacturers at PHOTOPLUS

photoplus photo expo networking
Image used courtesy of PHOTOPLUS

While nothing can replace our experience and knowledge for creating amazing imagery, there’s no denying the impact that gear has on the photos we capture. In many instances, gear opens new opportunities and expands creative possibilities. The brands you know and love will be front and center at PHOTOPLUS with all their latest products for you to try. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to add to your collection, an advanced amateur hoping to up your game, or just a lover of photography figuring out which brand will fit you best, PHOTOPLUS has it all.

3. Master Your Craft

PhotoPlus Expo Show Floor
Image courtesy of PHOTOPLUS

As I mentioned, we grow as photographers when we seek opportunities to learn from others and from our own experience. At PHOTOPLUS, you can look forward to growing with one-on-one, in-person portfolio reviews. Take a deep dive into your craft with guidance from world-class photographers and filmmakers, and hone your technique during live demonstrations on the show floor. From lighting to composition, editing and the latest trends, attending PHOTOPLUS will allow you to create better imagery.

I highly recommend signing up for a photo walk or two if spots are still available. They go incredibly fast and for good reason. Groups are limited to ten people, and the learning experience is second to none. Check out the schedule and find a session that fits your interests.

4. Take Advantage of Unmatched Networking Opportunities at PHOTOPLUS

People networking at photo expo

Cross paths with everyone in the industry at PHOTOPLUS. Meet with fellow seasoned professionals or enthusiasts, or potential mentors and mentees, and form relationships with 200+ brands in the expo hall. Promote yourself and your work to an audience of thousands of potential peers. Don’t get photo FOMO. Come to PHOTOPLUS this fall.

Make sure to REGISTER before September 30th to get a FREE expo-pass to PHOTOPLUS 2021. Here’s a video from previous years to give you an even better idea of what to expect at this show.