Datacolor just launched four new accessories and two new bundles to enhance your photography workflow.  These new tools and bundle options provide photographers and cinematographers with additional options and workflow solutions for color management.

New Accessories

Datacolor color calibration kit accessories
From left to right: Spyder Tripod, Spyder Tripod Pro, Spyder USB (top right), Spyder Shelf (bottom right)

The launch introduces four new accessories, which are also included in the color calibration kits along with some of Datacolor’s other existing products.

  1. The Spyder Tripod: The new Spyder Tripod works seamlessly with the SpyderX calibrator, Spyder Cube and Spyder LensCal.  Photographers can also use it for smaller cameras to ensure tack sharp imagery in low light conditions. Moreover, the tripod’s flexible legs and lightweight portability will allow you to capture your shots from a variety of angles.
  2. Spyder Tripod Pro: Like the Spyder Tripod, the Spyder Tripod Pro will allow you to stabilize your camera for sharp images. This version, however, includes a GoPro mount, smartphone holder and Bluetooth Universal remote.
  3. Spyder USB: The Spyder USB adapts USB-A cables to USB-C ports. It is compatible with Mac, Windows-based PCs, and Android devices, and the iPad Pro.
  4. Spyder Shelf: Datacolor’s new Spyder Shelf easily attaches to your computer to provide additional vertical storage space in your work area. The shelf includes an exposed screw thread designed to affix your SpyderX calibrator for measurement of ambient light.

New Bundle – The SpyderX Create Kit (Introductory Price $199.99)

SpyderXCreate Kit launch 01

The SpyderX Create Kit includes everything photographers and filmmakers need to capture color inspiration, ensure color accuracy and sharp images, connect with newer devices, and even add some extra storage space to their work area. The tools in this kit make it possible to have color precision throughout one’s entire workflow.

Take a look at what’s included in the SpyderX Create Kit:

SpyderX Pro

SpyderX Pro represents Datacolor’s most accurate, fastest (4X faster), easiest monitor color calibrator ever. In addition, the groundbreaking lens-based color engine provides a higher level of accurate color calibration for multiple monitors.  The SpyderX Pro is SLR Lounge’s recommended monitor calibrator. You can read our full review of SpyderX Pro here.

ColorReader EZ

With the ColorReader EZ, you can color-coordinate your photo shoot. Simply scan the flat surface of any color to instantly find its Savage Universal background color match, paint color match, plus precise RBG, Hex and CIE Lab color data for use in your workflow. It also allows for easy conversion to Pantone colors. Once you’ve matched the colors, you can save and organize them by project or client. You can also create custom color palettes to save and share with your clients or team members.

Find our full ColorReader EZ review here.

New Accessories

As I mentioned up top, the SpyderX Create Kit also includes the following new accessories:

Where to Buy:

The SpyderX Create Kit is sold exclusively by Datacolor at an introductory price of $199.99, valid through 6/30/21. Learn More

SpyderX Mobile Pro Kit (Introductory Price $179.99)

SpyderX Mobile Pro color calibration kit launch

The SpyderX Mobile Pro Kit gives you take-it-with-you-everywhere photo tools, all organized in a convenient and cost-effective kit for taking and editing sharp, crisp photos and videos on the go.  Here’s a quick overview of what’s included in the SpyderX Mobile Pro Kit:

SpyderX Pro

In our opinion, this is the best monitor calibration device on the market, as we discussed in the section above.

Spyder Cube

Use the Spyder Cube in any light condition to set white balance, exposure, black level and brightness. The Spyder Cube is also effective for achieving accurate colors without having to fumble through trial-and-error operations in editing.

New Accessories

The SpyderX Mobile Pro Kit also includes the following new accessories:

Where to Buy:

The SpyderX Mobile Pro Kit is sold exclusively by Adorama at an introductory price of $179.99. Learn More

Why Calibration Matters

Monitor calibration is essential in photo editing to ensure that your final images accurately represent what you see on your monitor.   It’s especially important when an image goes to print but also matters for web-only images because of the variation of color in different monitors.  Long story short, it might look great on your monitor but look terrible when printed or viewed on a different device.

As a serious photographer, whether you’re an amateur or professional, if you’ve put in the effort to capture and process and image, the last thing you want is for the colors, highlights, shadows and other details to look different than intended.  With Datacolor’s various tools and bundle options, it’s never been easier for photographers to manage their color workflow.