For many photographers, presenting their work is as important as capturing the perfect shot. With an array of options available, from albums to wall art, choosing the right method can be challenging. Enter the Folio Box, a luxurious and beautiful box solution for photographers offered by Zno. This guide will dive into the ins and outs of folio boxes, and how they can elevate your photography business.

What Is a Folio Box?

A Folio Box is a high-end, beautifully crafted box containing matted or board-mounted photographs. They are designed to protect and elegantly present a curated selection of images. Unlike albums, which bind images together, each photograph within a Folio Box is separate, allowing clients to choose and interchange the display of their favorite shots with ease. Some people even refer to a “Folio Box” as a “Deconstructed Album.”

Benefits of a Folio Box (vs Albums and Wall Art)

If you already offer albums and wall art, is there a place in your product lineup for Folio boxes? Let’s explore some of the primary benefits of folio boxes to help you make that decision.

Folio Boxes are Flexible and Versatile

Folio boxes can be displayed and enjoyed in multiple ways. With separate photos, clients can change the displayed image on their desk or mantlepiece whenever they like, offering versatility over fixed albums and wall art.

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Clients can keep the images in the box and browse through the images from time to time, the same way they would enjoy a photo album. They can also place one or multiple images on their shelves or desks on small easels. They can also take some of the images out and frame them on a wall by themselves or as a collage.

Folio Boxes Provide Protection

The sturdy nature of the box ensures that the photos are well-protected from dust, damaging sunlight, and potential drops and dents over time. Unlike albums, clients can easily change the Folio boxes if the box gets damaged or if they just want a new style, giving the old images a new home inside of the new box.

Folio Boxes Offer a Luxury Presentation

Holding individual matted photos provides a tactile, personal experience, which can be more engaging than flipping through an album. Viewing one image at a time can help the photographer increase the perceived importance of each image and allow the viewer to spend more time on each photo. This can place a higher implicit value on each photograph.

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In addition, the luxurious feel of the box, combined with high-quality prints, makes for an impressive presentation, ideal for gifting or as an heirloom.

What Genres of Photography Should Offer Folio Boxes

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Folio boxes are versatile presentation tools that can elevate the experience of viewing photographs, making them suitable for a wide range of photography genres. Though they are versatile, folio boxes have traditionally been linked with genres that exude a touch of luxury and personalization. These are the most common genres of photography for Folio Boxes.

High-End, Fine Art Portrait Photography

The inherent elegance and sophistication of folio boxes make them an ideal match for high-end portrait photography. When a client invests in such a session, they often expect a product that complements the quality and essence of the shoot, and a folio box seamlessly aligns with that expectation.

Boudoir Photography

boudoir photos

Boudoir sessions are deeply personal and intimate. A folio box not only ensures privacy but also offers a tactile, luxurious experience for clients, making each photograph feel like a cherished piece of art.

Family, Newborn & Maternity Portraits

Families often look for timeless keepsakes to pass down through generations. The sturdy nature of folio boxes ensures longevity, and their design allows for an ever-evolving display of cherished moments, making them ideal for family portrait collections, maternity portraits and newborn photography.

Wedding Photography

While not as common as a wedding album, folio boxes are also a great way for couples to enjoy and view their most cherished wedding day moments. They can be a great anniversary gift option, allowing couples to relive their special day. Folio boxes pair especially well with film wedding photography, as both are inherently perceived as luxury and high end.

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How to Price Folio Boxes

When pricing your Folio Boxes, here are the primary factors to consider.

Your Other Product Pricing

When pricing your folio boxes, stick to a similar pricing structure and model as your album prices. The folio box option should not be perceived as a “cheaper” or “more expensive” alternative to your albums. They should be perceived as a different way to present and enjoy the images.

Costs of Materials and Labor

Account for the cost of the box, prints, and any additional customizations. Don’t forget to factor in the time you spend selecting, editing, and printing the photos.

Competitor Pricing (Market Research)

Research what competitors are charging. Adjust your prices based on your expertise and brand positioning.

How to Create and Order a Folio Box

1. Selection: Begin by selecting the photos that will go into the box. This could be a collaborative effort with your client or a curated set by you.

2. Editing: Ensure all selected photos are professionally edited and consistent in style.

3. Sizing and Matting: Decide on the size of prints and whether they will be matted. Matting can enhance the perceived value and protect prints.

4. Box Design: Some suppliers offer customization options for the box, such as materials, colors, and embossing. For example with the company Zno, you can use their album design software, called Zno Designer, to design your folio boxes, as well as the prints that will go inside the box. With Zno you can also upload photos to album designer directly from their seamlessly integrated online photo gallery, called Zno Gallery.

5. Ordering: Once everything is in place, place your order with your chosen supplier, ensuring you’ve double-checked all details. There are several quality suppliers that specialize in producing Folio Boxes. Conduct thorough research, ask for recommendations in photographer communities, and request samples to ensure you’re sourcing a product that aligns with your brand’s standards.

In conclusion, Folio Boxes are a premium product that can significantly enhance the presentation of your work and the perceived value of your services. Embrace them, and you may find a fresh, lucrative avenue for your photography business.