Wedding photographers are no strangers to capturing their clients walking down the aisle, but the aisle is not typically located inside a Target (or any big-box store for that matter). However, during a recent lifestyle engagement photography session in Erie, Pennsylvania, photographer Erica Whiting found herself incorporating the everyday items that line the aisles at Target into her photos of Aaron and Tony, who chose the unique venue for their session.

Every location presents its own challenges, for the subjects as well as photographers, and Target is no exception. As Whiting states, “It can be challenging to document personalities in a public place. Knowing you’re being photographed can be intimidating and sometimes make it difficult for people to be themselves.” In order to get her couple to loosen up, Whiting tagged along as a self-described “third wheel” and captured test shots while they walked through the store. After Aaron and Tony grew more comfortable, they returned to their favorite spots and the session unfolded more naturally from there.

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One notable sequence involves Aaron pushing Tony through the aisles while they shop on what would otherwise be a “typical Friday night date night for these two,” according to Whiting. While they may not typically push one another in a cart, the whimsical nature of the photos reveal Aaron and Tony’s playful personalities in a place that is meaningful to them. In her presentation of the one-of-a-kind session on her blog, White noted that revealing her clients’ personalities in meaningful images is really what it’s all about:

“Engagement photos don’t have to be traditional or look like everyone else’s insta-worthy photos. Photographs should tell a story about your life and if the photograph captures your personality and memories successfully, any setting can be ‘conventional.’ Your photographs are meant to celebrate YOU and your decision to start a life together.”

Whiting will be on hand to capture another batch of meaningful photos for the couple when they get married on New Year’s Eve.

You can find more of Erica’s work via the links below:

Erica Whiting: Website | Instagram

All images were used with the artist’s permission.