It’s not uncommon to put off holiday shopping until it’s almost (or sometimes) too late. Last minute shopping can feel like a chore and gifts often devolve from thoughtful to whatever’s leftover. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy fix for that. Through our photography studio, we’ve worked closely with Printique, the in-house photo lab for Adorama, and they’ve impressed us with the quality of their work and service. While considering holiday gift solutions for our community of photographers, we realized Printique would make a great resource for turning your favorite captured memories into meaningful gifts for your favorite people, all within a reasonable budget and quick turnaround time. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of some of Printique’s most popular products and seasonal favorites, as well as some of our clients’ top picks, to serve as your holiday guide to photo print gifts.

Let’s get started!

Printique Photo Print Gifts for the Holidays

  1. Holiday Cards
  2. Canvas Prints
  3. Metal Prints
  4. Acrylic Blocks
  5. Lay-Flat Photo Books
  6. 4”x4” Mini Photo Books
  7. Poster Prints
  8. Classic Prints
  9. Calendars
  10. Digital Gift Cards

1. Holiday Cards

Printique holiday cards

This first entry on our list photo print gifts for the holidays deals less with individual gifts and more with a popular seasonal go-to: holiday cards. Kick off the holiday season and put together a quality holiday card using Printique’s library of seasonal templates. You can also design your card from scratch if you’re so inclined.

Printique holiday cards bts designer tool

Each seasonal option includes a variety of design templates, and the designer tool makes it easy to customize your card. Design options include card size and orientation, paper type, and trim shape. To design the card, you’ll just upload your photos and then drag & drop them into your chosen template. From there, you can further customize the layout and design using Printique’s design tools.

Of all the items on this list, this is probably the most time sensitive. The reason for this is because you have to rely on the post office to deliver the mail, and they’re notoriously…slower during the holidays.

Price: 12 Cards for $20.99 ($1.75 each)

2. Canvas Prints

printique review canvas holiday photo print gifts

Having your photos printed on canvas is one of the easiest ways to turn your memories into gallery-worthy displays. Go with a single print to make a statement, or use Printique’s Canvas Wall Designer Tool to quickly design a collection of canvases that tell a story across your wall. The drag-and-drop system is easy to use and you can complete the design process in a matter of minutes.

For canvas prints, the Printique team hand-stretches gallery-quality, heavyweight canvas over a sturdy 1.25” pine frame. The frames come in a wide range of sizes, and they arrive ready to hang.

Price: From $39.99 per Print

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Ideas for Photo Print Gifts – 3. Metal Prints

If you’ve never seen a metal print before, they’re a beautiful sight to behold. Of all the gift options on this list, the metal print likely packs the biggest wow factor. Metal prints are unique in that they’re made by infusing the image onto a sheet of aluminum, resulting in incredibly vibrant prints you just won’t get with inkjet printed products.

printique review metal prints

Like the canvas prints and other wall art options, you can create a single work of art using your imagery, or you can order a cluster that breaks a single image into several frames (see the triptych above) or several images across a well-designed collage.

Price: From $17.99 per Print

4. Acrylic Blocks

printique acrylic blocks

These are the photo print gifts you didn’t know you needed, and it might be hard not to order several in one shot, especially considering how affordably priced they are. The acrylic blocks serve as self-contained frames that can stand on their own, making them super convenient and easy to place. Their unique appearance will undoubtedly catch the attention of anyone passing by. Choose a larger size to take center stage or go with a collection of smaller 2×2” blocks to create a movable collage.

In case you’re unfamiliar with acrylic blocks, they consist of an image printed on optical grade acrylic and displayed in 1-inch thick acrylic block frames for added depth and vibrancy (see the images above).

Price: From $11.99 per Print

5. Lay-Flat Photo Books

Printique holiday photo print gifts ideas photo books

Lay-flat photo books make great photo print gifts for closer friends and family. Across 20+ pages, you have the opportunity to share a collection of images that the recipient of your photo book can cherish for years to come. Lay-flat photo books, in particular, provide a beautiful means of fully displaying your images without the hassle of losing parts of your pics in the seams between pages. Printique prints all of their photo book options, including hard cover, soft cover, fabric covers, and more using lay-flat binding.

Price: From $14.99

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Ideas for Photo Print Gifts – 6. Mini Photo Books (4″x4″)

Sometimes, a smaller gift is all you need to make the biggest impact. Printique’s Mini Softcover Photo Books still deliver a premium photo print gift with archival inks on 100% recycled paper and feature Printique’s layflat design, just like their hardcover books and photo albums. The real difference lies in their size, which at 4”x4” is small enough to fit neatly into a holiday stalking.

photo print gifts mini photo book printique

Smaller than a standard CD case, mini photo books make great keepsakes year round, and their tiny footprint will allow you to neatly document trips, gatherings, and other special moments in print without taking up too much shelf or wall space. Keep these in mind for sharing on birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other important occasions throughout the year. Check out this guide for more ideas on how to use these amazing little photo books.

5″x7″ mini photo books are also available.

Price: $14.99 for a 20-Page Mini Book (+ $0.74 for each additional page)

7. Poster Prints

Printique holiday photo print gifts ideas poster

For those looking to go big in print size with a super budget-friendly option, poster prints deliver on both fronts. These large format photo print gifts are created using emulsion printing with archival inks to capture greater color and detail, making any portrait look epic. Also, with the variety of paper options available, they look great hung directly on the wall or framed. The hardest part of this process will be choosing the best photo from your catalog to showcase in this surprisingly cool gift.

Price: From $18

8. Classic Prints

Printique holiday photo print gifts classic prints

We’re all familiar with classic prints, but we may not all realize that some prints are better than others. Going with professional quality labs like Printique will ensure that you get photo prints that look amazing and will hold up over time, despite handling. Printique, in particular, offers “unsurpassed Digital Type C professional quality photo prints using silver halide photo paper and emulsion printing.” In other words, these prints earn high marks in appearance, quality, and durability, and they make perfect photo print gifts.

Classic prints range in size from 3.5×5” to 12×36” and come on your choice of paper, including matte, luster, or glossy, among several others.

Price: From $0.32

Ideas for Photo Print Gifts – 9. Calendars

Printique holiday photo print gifts calendar

This is the photo print gift that keeps on giving all year round. Printique offers a number of unique photo calendar design styles, or you can create your own using their simple yet effective design tools. The calendars can be hung on the wall or placed on a desktop, depending on which of the following formats you choose:

  • Top-hanging
  • Centerfold
  • Desktop

We recommend taking time to personalize the calendar to make the gift more meaningful. For example, you can personalize the dates, marking special occasions, planning getaways, or whatever makes sense for the person you’re giving the gift to. Doing so will add a layer of interest to an already beautifully made calendar.

Price: From $15.99 for Centerfold & Desktop Calendars, and $34.99 for Top-Hanging Calendars

10. Digital Gift Cards

printique photo print gifts gift card

If you’d rather let your giftee choose their print product (or if time has run out), consider giving gift cards. Printique offers customizable digital gift cards for all occasions, including the holidays. Simply enter an amount, choose the occasion and design, write a message, and select a delivery date. When your selected date arrives, an email will go to your chosen recipient and your gift will be delivered. It’s that easy.

Price: Any amount


I hope you found this collection of photo print gifts for the holidays helpful. With the quality and range of products available through professional labs like Printique, you can easily share meaningful gifts with your loved ones and take the stress out of that part of the holiday season.