We’ve reviewed and tested a lot of Peak Design products over the years, which is why it was so surprising (and sad) to hear that a mega-company like Amazon was “copying” without credit one of their most popular designs (The Everyday Sling). We didn’t have to discuss it for long though before the gang at Peak Design made a comment of their own on the situation, in the form of the video above!

Amazon Basics SlingPeak Design Sling

PD pulled no punches with their thoughts on the subject and yet, did so in the funniest way possible worthy of a late-night show sketch. The company called out Amazon for ripping off their design for the Everyday Sling Bag for their $35 Amazon Basic copy-cat saying that it’s not the first time they (Amazon) have been accused of design theft, and clearly, it won’t be the last. However, Peak Design at least stays light-hearted about it all by reminding buyers what they get when they don’t buy the knock-off brands like “years of research and development, recycled blue sign approved materials, a lifetime warranty, fairly paid factory workers, and total carbon neutrality.”  following up with “If you’re tired of supporting companies who innovate and just not willing to pay for responsibly made products, don’t! The everyday sling by peak design and by amazon basics whichever one you buy you’ll get exactly what you paid for”

Amazon Vs Peak Design

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What do you think about the scenario? Have you seen other brand-name products “lifted” by the amazon team? Have you purchased any? Let us know what you think in the comments below.