The art of storytelling has come a long way over the last few years. With the advances in streaming services, mobile technology, interactive films, video games, and more….well, podcasts have effectively become a substitute for over-the-air broadcast radio & television.

They’ve pretty much closed the gap between local & special interest radio stations or tv-networks like Discovery Channel and NPR, as these “episodes” can dive into nearly any topic you can think of in an insane amount of depth, no matter how obscure! One of the best reasons for this meteoric rise in popularity is because of their availability thanks to the advent of smartphones. You can find and stream these podcasts at home, in the car, download them and listen while in a plane / on your commute, or out in the middle of nowhere with no data-access! Since we have next to no control over what actually plays on the radio or television, podcasts are perfect for the modern consumer.

Where things get overwhelming is the sheer volume of options to choose from. One of the great things about the internet, is anyone can create a podcast. Equally one of the frustrating things about the internet, is _everyone_ can create a podcast! There’s really an overwhelming amount of channels and topics out there to choose from, so to point you in the right direction for some great quality education and entertainment, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Photography & Non-Photography podcasts out there so have a look at this list and see if there’s anything new and exciting to add to your playlists over the coming weeks!

Pye Jirsa – Lin & Jirsa

For industry conversations, High ISO and Seth and Beth‘s podcasts both have an authentic and entertaining approach to interviewing successful individuals within the photography industry. Extending outside, Joe Rogan is a staple for many and should need no introduction. But, another favorite is Tim Ferriss who has a unique way of interviewing and breaking down deep topics into easy-to-digest pieces of information.

Tanya Goodall Smith – Workstory Photography

How can you go wrong with The Chase Jarvis Show? The founder of Creative Live interviews successful creatives and experts and shares his own experience and inspiration. In a newer podcast, The Profitable Photographer, Luci Dumas interviews working photographers and shares marketing tips and insights for improving your profitability.

If you’re interested in all things design, architecture, fashion, and entertainment, you’ll love 99% Invisible. It’s all about the hidden design of things we don’t really think about and it’s fascinating.

Amii & Andy Kauth – Sunshine & Reign Photography

We’ve been connected with Steve Saporito for several years now and are stoked he’s been updating his podcast regularly, (honest conversations with real photographers as they navigate client interactions, marketing, etc.). And for non-industry brain stimulation, you’ll definitely want to check out The Peter Attia Drive for Health and Dan Carlin for Hardcore History. Well-researched and no-nonsense approaches ….You’ll feel smarter for listening! There is no better free education out there!

And for the kids (because we have five)? Brains On! seriously rocks. Real-world guests and kid co-hosts + awesome, entertaining topics! Really great for long road trips!

Nichole Chan Loeb – Nicole Chan Photography

Guy Raz of NPR’s “How I Built This” takes a deep dive into the untold stories of well-loved companies with Wisdom From The Top. He engages in honest conversations with the founders about pivotal points in their companies- successes, failures, regrets, and hustles.

Dave Moss – Abby + Dave

If anyone is looking for something fun and nerdy right now, the Critical Role podcast is a weekly Dungeons and Dragons game played by a group of best friends who also happen to be some of the best voice actors in Hollywood! They get 130’000 viewers or so for their stream on twitch on Thursday’s when they play live (currently suspended by Covid19). There are a little over 200 episodes telling 2 distinct stories. Each episode is 3-5 hours. So no shortage of content. You can also watch all the old streams on YouTube.

Chad Winstead – Chad Winstead Photography

How I Shot It” (non-industry)
When I need a break from all things photography, I really enjoy listening to these guys chat while driving or when I’m working on other things. They talk about interesting events, facts, and expand on all kinds of other interesting things as well. These little nuggets make for great conversations with friends, and make you feel smarter for knowing.

Photography Related Podcasts

Non-Photography Podcasts


We’re sure there are a ton more stations and channels out there that are great, so if you’ve got some suggestions for the list, let us know what podcasts you’d suggest and why in the comments below!