Pye and the team have just released a new free 1 hour masterclass to help you make $100K more in your wedding or portrait photography business.  Whether you need help getting more leads, closing those leads, or making more per client, this short course is sure to provide you with a few impactful tips for your business.

Masterclass Basics

  • When: Instant access (prerecorded)
  • Cost: Free
  • Duration: Just over 1 hour
  • How to Access:  Sign up here

What You’ll Learn in 1 Hour

100k webinar screenshotHere’s a breakdown of what we cover in the masterclass.

Part 1 – How to increase visitors and leads!

  • Create Same-Day Slideshows
  • Share Images with Vendors (Quickly!)
  • Set Up Collaborative Styled Shoots
  • Take Advantage of Short-Form (IG Reels/TikTok)
  • Develop a Keyword Strategy for Your Website
  • Create Articles that Answer Common Questions for SEO
  • Properly Name Your Images for SEO
  • Create Preferred Venue and Vendor Pages
  • Look for Easy Backlink Opportunities to Boost Authority

Part 2 – How to charge more per client!

  • Understand the Mindset of Luxury vs Consumer
  • Focus on Being Unique, Not Necessarily “The Best” at Everything
  • Get Creative to Provide a Luxury Experience (Even w/out a Studio)
  • Use Pricing Psychology in Your Package Design
  • Create an MVP, a Desired Sell, and a Price Anchor
  • Present Your Packages in Decreasing Price Order

Part 3 – How to convert leads into SALES!

  • Sell via phone, zoom, or face-to-face (NOT EMAIL!)
  • Minimize Your Time to Initial Contact
  • Stop Feature Selling
  • Stop Diving Into The Details (Get Past the Croc Brain)
  • Never Present the Price Before Establishing value
  • Focus on THEIR Values And Show that You Understand Them!

Click here to sign up for the masterclass

If you’re looking for more information on any of the concepts above, you’ll find all of them them (and much more) inside of SLR Lounge Premium.