Maternity Milk Dress Seattle Eden Bao 3We’ve featured the work of London based photographer, Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz (Aurum Light), numerous times before. Jarosalv’s spectacular work with models wearing nothing but splashes of milk frozen through high-speed photography has inspired many to try the same technique.


Eden Bao, a maternity, newborn and baby photographer, based out of Bothell, WA was fascinated by the work of Aurum Light and his milky pinups as well as Andrey Razoomovsky’s milk projects. She wanted to try the technique on one of her maternity clients and enlisted the help of her friend, fellow photographer, Adrienne of Gemini Visuals Creative Photography.

The process of outfitting your subjects with milk is, as you can imagine, a messy and meticulous one. Aside from trying to contain the mess 8 gallons of milk can cause, (they used a kiddie pool to catch most of it), everything needed to be covered and taped down to protect the gear and the studio walls. They turned up the heat and microwaved the milk for the comfort of the model and splashed away.

DSC_5475 DSC_5486

Equipment Used

Lighting Setup

Milk Dress Maternity Seattle Setup

The shoot itself took over 4 hours and they took over 500 RAW images. It took about six hours of Photoshop per image to stitch the dress together. And the final images look stunning. You can read more about the shoot on Eden Bao’s website here.

Maternity Milk Dress Seattle Eden Bao 1 Maternity Milk Dress Seattle Eden Bao 2

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