Photography is definitely a labor of love or a project of passion. You hear it said a lot, but David Chan embodies that lifestyle. “Film cameras are works of art”, says David Chan as he describes the massive collection of vintage cameras he has assembled in his Hong Kong shop (David Chan Co), over about 60 years. Though Chan buys and sells some equipment, he considers himself more of a guardian of vintage photographic gear, on a mission to help future generations see the beauty of camera craftsmanship.

“Vintage lenses and old cameras contain radioactive elements that add a lot of flavor to the old lenses. Modern lenses can’t produce the unique texture that vintage lenses could. It’s inherently different. New digital camera models go out of date in a year or two. Mechanical film cameras were built to last a lifetime”

If you happen to be near his shop in Hong Kong, (which he says he’ll be there for 2 more years before relocating across the street), be sure to pay him a visit. He actively invites passers-by to come in and browse, test, and just talk photography. He’s always happy to share what knowledge he has with visitors. He feels he’s “not a good photographer, but he cherishes cameras as a work of art” and there’s no better feeling than holding a camera in his hands. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who visit our site who can relate to that feeling as I know I certainly can. Be sure to check out the whole video above and let us know what you think in the comments below. Have you ever been to his store? Do you think you’d plan to visit once we all start traveling again?