Lume Cube has announced the launch of its Panel Pro. The Panel Pro is a smart, slim portable RGB light that is the newest and most advanced addition to its celebrated “Panel” product line.

“We saw a huge opportunity to expand the Panel collection and wanted to create something that was truly a game-changer in the content creation space while still being compact and user friendly,” said Lume Cube President and Co-Founder Riley Stricklin. “The Panel Pro allows users to amplify the color in their photo and video content in an incredible way with one simple but highly advanced product. We are so proud of the Panel Pro and are excited to introduce the newest member of the Lume Cube family to the market.”
Geared toward photographers and videographers, the Panel Pro joins the highly successful Panel Mini and Panel GO as the third addition to the Panel collection. The lightweight Panel Pro is a professional-grade bi-color RGB light offering 360 different color options and built-in lighting effects and is the largest and only Bluetooth-compatible product in the Panel line. Additional product highlights include:
  • A large, redesigned panel screen with easy-to-read settings and controls with a quarter-inch 20 tripod mount on three sides for versatility
  • A frosted lens with a detachable diffuser for softer lighting adjustments
  • Color temperature range from 3500-5000 Kelvin (K), allowing for optimal performance
  • A color-rendering index (CRI) greater than 96 on a scale of 1-100
  • Dimmability from 0 to 100%, offering ultra-versatile brightness
  • 263 high-performance LED lights
  • A lithium-ion battery with USB Type C charging capabilities

Lumecube Panel Pro Rear Details

With the introduction of the Panel Pro also comes an update to Lume Cube’s interactive Lume Cube app. With the app upgrade, available now, users will be able to connect any Bluetooth-compatible Lume Cube device they’d like, rename the devices and group lights to their preferences; enjoy over-the-air firmware and software updates; see the battery life on each connected Lume Cube device; control color and functions and take advantage of in-app tutorials and shopping. The Lume-X app is compatible with Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The Panel Pro will retail for $229 exclusively at with a limited time discount available for the first 1,000 units. For more information about Lume Cube and its product range, visit and follow along via social media on Instagram and Facebook.

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