Every photographer has an origin story. The details of this story vary from person to person but, we all have someone, something, some event, that embedded the seed of love for the craft that blossoms throughout our lives. And as humans are wont to do, we seek to reclaim that spark, that feeling, that sense of the authentic beauty which started it all.

If you possess that nostalgic impulse, you have no shortage of options to pursue it and fashion photographer Julia Trotti has recently provided you with another. In a recent YouTube video, she shares a few tips on creating vintage tones in Lightroom.

1 – Tone Curve Adjustment

  • Lift the Blacks
  • Reduce the Shadows (to maintain/restore contrast in the image)
  • Reduce the Whites to mute the highlights

2 – Sharpen Image

3 – Basic Panel Adjustments

  • Raise the Exposure and Highlights to  create a slightly overexposed look
  • Reduce the Blacks slider to restore some contrast
  • Increase the Vibrance –impacts the cooler colors in your image
  • Decrease the Saturation – impacts the warmer colors in your image
  • Adjust the Temperature and Tint

4 – HSL Panel Adjustments

  • Reduce the Saturation of the Green and Yellow sliders

5 – Split Toning

  • Warm the Highlights

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