Visual Flow has released an update to their Modern Preset Pack that includes a set of dedicated Lightroom Mobile Presets.  While previous versions of the presets were already available for use in Lightroom Mobile, they were optimized for RAW processing on the desktop application.  These new mobile presets, on the other hand, are designed specifically for mobile photography, tested over thousands of images taken and edited exclusively on mobile devices.

“The goal is to provide creatives, marketers, and everyday people with simple yet powerful tools to create professional quality images with just their phones,” according to the creator, Pye Jirsa.  Along with the mobile presets, the Modern Pack update also includes a new preset called “red tint” as well as refinement of the other existing desktop presets.

Where to Purchase or Find More Information

For previous purchasers of the Modern Pack, these mobile presets are available at no additional cost.  Simply log into your account on and re-download/reinstall the update.

The presets are also available for purchase here:

More Info on the Lightroom Mobile Presets

The Mobile Presets are designed to achieve professional results from your phone.  The modern pack adds a pop of vibrance, warmth and contrast to your images while maintaining a real and authentic look to the images.  They are also designed for ALL lighting conditions, including the challenging ones, such as scenes with high dynamic range to rooms with mixed lighting. See some of the before and after photos below.

profesional mobile lightroom presets

warm vibrant lightroom mobile presets

hdr lightroom mobile presets

mobile lightroom presets for kids

marketing lightroom presets

Modern Pack (for Desktop) Update – Introducing Red Tint

In this update of the Modern Pack, all current and future Modern Pack purchasers will receive the new Red Tint Preset as a free update. Red Tint is a new lighting condition that will give you a one-click, refined image for scenes with a strong red tint on your subject(s). Below are some case studies for the use of Red Tint.

Red Rock/Late Golden Hour


Not all golden hour is the same when it comes to the color of light. During the later half of golden hour, the light can turn from an orange tint to a reddish or pinkish tint. This is especially the case when working in desert/outdoor scenes that are surrounded by red rock.

The Red Tint preset is perfect for these situations.

Candle/Fire Light


Practical lighting like candle and fire light can also have a hyper warm/red tone. Red Tint will also help correct skin tones for such a scene.

Dance Floor/Artificial Lights


Another common use case for Red Tint are wedding dance floors that are artificially lit with red LEDs. In each of these instances, Red Tint will save you time in having to make extra color adjustments.

Updated Presets

Along with the new Red Tint Presets, we’ve made other improvements and simplifications to the presets.

First, after extensive testing, Visual Flow has removed the “Flash” lighting condition. The reason for this change is that flash can be implemented as a soft light, hard light, and even backlight. Rather than simply applying the “Flash” preset, the best results come from using the preset condition that corresponds to how you implemented the lighting. Removing the Flash lighting condition keeps the system more simple and intuitive. If for some reason users wish to keep the Flash Preset, save a copy before installing the new update.

In addition, Visual Flow has revised and improved on all presets and tonality within the Modern Pack. For details on all of Modern Pack updates see the full changelog below.

How to get the updated presets

The red tint preset will be available in the Modern Pack, along with all of the updated presets. If you haven’t already done so, you can purchase the Modern Pack here.

If you’ve already purchased the Modern Pack, simply log into your account when the update is released and download/install the Modern Pack again!

Full Change Log

Primary Changes

  • Added preset: “Red Tint”
  • Removed preset: “Flash”
  • Renamed presets to reflect new order
  • Lightroom’s lens correction profile is no longer affected (on or off) by presets

02a. Soft Light (Shade/Overcast)

  • No changes

02b. Hard Light (Open Sun)

  • Small adjustments made to HSL & Calibration, to improve the overall look of warm colors and better match Soft Light
  • Contrast slider set to zero; small adjustments made to Base Tones & curves to compensate

02c. HDR Natural (Environmental)

  • Small adjustments made to HSL & Calibration to improve the overall look, and better match Soft Light

02d. Backlit (Flare/Low Contrast)

  • Small adjustments made to HSL to improve the overall look, and better match Soft Light
  • Small adjustments made to Parametric Curve to improve the overall look

02e. Tungsten (Indoor/3000-4000K)

  • OLD NAME: 02f. Tungsten (Indoor_3000-4000K)
    NEW NAME: 02e. Tungsten (Indoor_3000-4000K)
  • Small adjustments made to HSL & Calibration to improve the look of skin tones in indoor light, and improve the overall look

02f. Tungsten Mix (w/ Blue Daylight)

  • OLD NAME: 02g. Tungsten Mix (w_ Blue Daylight)
    NEW NAME: 02f. Tungsten Mix (w_ Blue Daylight)
  • Small adjustments made to HSL & Calibration to improve the look of skin tones in indoor light, and improve the overall look

02g. Over Saturated (Uplight/Dancing)

  • OLD NAME: 02h. Over Saturated (Uplight_Dancing)
    NEW NAME:02g. Over Saturated (Uplight_Dancing)
  • Small adjustments made to HSL & Calibration to improve the overall look

02h. Green Tint (Nature/Fluorescent/Window)

  • OLD NAME: 02i. Green Tint (Nature_Fluorescent_Window)
    NEW NAME: 02h. Green Tint (Nature_Fluorescent_Window)
  • Small adjustments made to HSLto improve the look of skin tones in green color cast lighting conditions

02i. Red Tint (Pink Sky/Brick/Redrock)

  • Brand-new preset created to handle Red color cast lighting conditions, modified from Soft Light base tone

02j. B&W (Any light condition)

  • Small adjustments made to Base Tones & Parametric curve to improve look of contrast in all conditions