My New Favorite Lightroom Tool: The Lightroom Dehaze Slider

Rather than walking through every feature that Lightroom CC offers, I want to showcase and take you through the tools that I use most often. In this article, I’m going to show you my new favorite tool that I use every time, introducing the Dehaze slider. The following is from the Lightroom Image Processing Mastery Workshop. If you’re interested in mastering Lightroom and all of its features, be sure to check it out.

Lightroom Dehaze | A Quick New Way To Make Your Images Pop

How To Use The Lightroom Dehaze Tool

Found under the effects tab, the Dehaze slider is a new tool that was released in June as part of an update to the Lightroom CC that launched this past April. If I could use one word to describe to this slider, it would be: “magical.”

Essentially what the Dehaze slider does is it removes the haze in your images, which in turn minimizes having to play with the whites, blacks, and vibrancy sliders.

In the image above, notice the difference in the sky color after utilizing the Dehaze tool. Amazing right? But since it’s difficult to see the couples on the bottom of the image, I add a graduated filter and pull up the exposure. If you’re confused about how I used the graduated filter tool, I definitely encourage you to take a look into Pye’s Lightroom tutorials.

Fixing Skin Tones After Using The Dehaze Slider

Now, the small downside to using the Dehaze slider is that it can sometimes knock out skin tones. But here I’ll show you how that can be easily fixed.

After using the Dehaze slider, notice that the skin tones have been tweaked as well. So I head over to the HSL bar, and adjust the saturation and luminance accordingly.

The same process is done in the image above. I use the Dehaze slider and adjust the saturation and luminance, typically bringing my orange/red/yellow saturations down and bringing the luminance up.

Conclusion and More Lightroom CC Features

I hope you enjoyed this quick run through on how to use the magical Lightroom Dehaze slider. Stay tuned for part 2 where I show you a new and nifty crop tool. If you’re interested in learning more, please subscribe to our YouTube channel for weekly updates, and take a look at our Lightroom Workshop Collection.