Some photographers complain that plastic is ruining the aesthetics of photography; from plastic bodies to lens mounts, and even plastic lenses. There are some arguments against this poly-carbonate push, like for Canon’s beloved 50mm f/1.8 or the rise of Holga. Nowadays, camera bodies and lenses are not the only things clad in plastic – a tutorial from Photoshop Tutorials shows how to make your images look like the are made from plastic! Plastic Legos to be exact.


First, this quick and easy beginner’s guide shows you how to pixelate your photographs to the point where they begin to become indistinguishable. Next, there is a trick to how to create scale-able brick patterns to make your image look like it was made from 1×1 brick pieces; a simple tweak can alter the look of a 2×2 or a 2×4 brick. Once that step is complete, the image will look too realistic, so the colors must be compressed to reflect the palate that Lego offers.

[REWIND: How To Make A Polaroid Framed Picture In Photoshop | Aaron Nace]

At around 7 minutes, the tutorial goes over many of the features of Photoshop at a very quick pace; you may have to start and stop the video a couple of time to follow along.

Create Lego Brick Mosaics From Any Photo

To take your Lego images to the next level, for $5, Brick-A-Pic will take that lego-ize portrait and give you the shopping list and building instructions to help you create one of a kind artwork. A fun and unique gift for that Lego lover in your life!

[Via Photoshop Tutorial Youtube / Images Screen Captures]