Whilst Lowepro, ThinkTank and Manfrotto are camera bag brands that can be found on shelves everywhere from B&H to BestBuy, it’s Peak Design bags that you’ll see being worn everywhere by a younger generation of photographers. The company has kept that generation in mind from the design stages through to the funding. Peak Design has pioneered crowdfunding for the type, and is now on it’s 8th Kickstarter project, and it’s for the new 45L Travel Backpack & Packing Tools.

Mini Review of Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack & Sling | Facebook Live

The Kickstarter campaign they’ve launched has once again blown far past its goal of $500,000. This isn’t surprising given their history of delivering quality, and on schedule, and the world is always looking for another great travel bag – especially creatives looking to house their gear.

The Everyday line was truly transformational for many photographers looking for stylish and affordable bags that accommodated their lifestyles and wallets. But where the Everyday Backpack and messenger and the rest of the Everyday line was that, this new offering is focused on travel – though Peak is using the word ‘travel’ in a rather nebulous form that could be intercontinental or within your city. But being for travel it is weather resistant and expandable.

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The new 45L Travel Backpack & Packing Tools looks to be the most versatile Peak Design bag yet, with as assortment of packing cubes and pouches that are made to work specifically with the bag, which cover everything from camera and lens storage, to a wash bag, to cables and so on. All of it meant to work together seamlessly to provide function that fits the form.

The MSRP of the 45L Travel Backpack is $299 but can be had for $235 if you back the Kickstarter, with deliveries occurring before the holidays.

Adding the various camera cubes and so on, however, does see the price jump, and the top-tier which comes with the complete travel pack and large camera cube will be $459 on kickstarter which is a considerable $176 less than the $635 MSRP it will retail for.

Peak looks to be going after the market I have felt WANDRD has nailed so nicely, so expect a full review in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, if you’re interested in acting now, you can do so here on their Kickstarter.

You can also find the line of Peak Design Bags already out, here.