For the intrepid and discerning traveler, Peak Design’s Travel Backpack 45L is a revolution in gear storage. With its carry-on size capacity packed with intuitive features like rain covers, easy organization systems and secure laptop compartments – all designed to keep your precious cargo safe – this bag makes light work of carrying around photography equipment or any other items you may need on your next journey. Get ready for an immersive adventure as we explore why it just might be the perfect travel companion!

Travel Backpack 45L Design

The 45L Travel Backpack has a ton of interesting, intuitive and innovative features. You can get a full run down in the tutorial videos.  As a seasoned Peak Design backpack owner, there were even features that I didn’t know!

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L 01
Image from Peak Design

The Peak Design Travel Backpack takes a no-nonsense approach to design: clean, unobtrusive lines mean all eyes are on the wearer. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity – there’s plenty of space with pockets and straps in just the right places for ultimate convenience without compromising style.

The pack is designed with four ergonomic handles, allowing you to effortlessly adjust it while on the go. In addition, a back panel handle makes attaching your rolling luggage easier than ever when traveling! Plus, it comes with a 900D weatherproof bottom liner!

Size and Carry-on

The Travel Bag truly packs a punch when it comes to size. It can be easily adjusted from 30L all the way up to 45L, giving you incredible versatility whether you’re looking for an everyday bag or something that meets international carry-on standards of 35 Liters. And if that wasn’t enough, this impressive backpack even has compression snaps which let reduce its capacity down and turn into lightweight daypack — so your days will always fit inside!


EVA foam shoulder straps with a subtle curve feature provide your shoulders and armpits the necessary relief for any excursion. With an adjustable hip belt, you can effortlessly redistribute weight across the entire upper body or tuck it away out of sight behind two magnetically secure flaps – even while wearing!

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L 08

Carrying the pack is made a breeze with flexible foam panels that store shoulder and hip straps. Plus, your back stays cool whether you’re in motion or at a stand-still thanks to its breathable textured fabric – keeping just enough space between you and the pack!


Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L 07

Peak Design’s backpacks are incredibly versatile – you can organize and store your items any way that suits your needs. Not only does the rear access keep straps clear from everything else, but it also has laptop (up to 15-inch) or tablet sleeves so that what matters most is always easily accessible! With just a few zips at the top of the bag, you’ll have quick and convenient access no matter where life takes you.

People who have had the pleasure of using a Peak Design Everyday Backpack will immediately recognize this useful feature – dual access points on either side of the backpack, allowing you to swing it around your shoulder for easy and effortless content retrieval!


This bag is designed to give you ultimate functionality and organization! Not only does it have several pockets with the convenience of zip-closure, but those same zippers expand for even more room. To top off this remarkable feature list – an ingenious pocket that opens from inside the main compartment directly into the exterior rear panel!

Be prepared for life’s adventures with this multi-functional backpack! The uppermost pocket on the front side is perfect to store your passport and other small essentials, while four stretchy pockets provide extra organizational help. Plus, if you don’t need all those inner pockets – just unzip them, roll down the panel between compartments and tuck it away in a special storage spot inside the bag; giving access from both directions.

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L 06


Investing in Peak Design’s travel gear is a smart decision, guaranteeing you secure and long-lasting mobility. Constructed from tough 400D nylon canvas backed by thick EVA foam for shape retention, the packs are then safeguarded with 900D weatherproof bottom lining – ensuring protection whatever the elements! To top it off; these bags come complete with YKK & ZOOM zippers: offering dependable security that can’t be beaten.

Final thoughts

If you’re an adventurer seeking a dependable and aesthetically pleasing travel companion, Peak Design’s Travel Backpack is the perfect fit. It boasts exceptional materials that can easily withstand any journey while enriching your experience with its convenient features and timeless style. Whether it’s for leisure or business, this backpack will never let you down!

Photographers who are looking for a reliable, stylish solution to their robust gear carrying needs need look no further than the 45L Travel backpack. This piece of top-of-the line engineering isn’t cheap; however it is crafted with superior quality and boasts unique features ideal for capturing life’s special moments on location.

Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L Review Summary

The Peak Design Travel Backpack 45L is a well-executed travel bag from a company with an excellent track record of designing innovative and customizable backpacks.


  • Stylish design
  • Lots of space and versatility
  • Comfortable fit
  • Packed with tons of features


  • Too large for daypack use
  • Pricey
  • Features can be overwhelming at first (there will be a learning curve)