Photography Blogger has launched a new iPhone and iPad app called InstaPicMix. While there are a lot of collage apps on the market, this one is simply the best one we’ve found.

Why? Because of the following:

  1. Effects Applied to Individual Images – While most apps include effects, they require you to apply the same effect to the entire collage. With this app, you can apply different effects and adjustments to each individual image
  2. Frame, Effects, Border and Text On Layers – Your choice of frame, the effects applied, and border applied, and the overlaying text are all on separate layers. This allows you to mix and match and retain full control over each aspect.
  3. Reliability – With other apps, we’ve experienced freezing or long waits while the collage is being created. InstaPicMix has been reliable and fast.

Practical Application for Photographers

For professional photographers, it’s our opinion that these types of apps are not going to suffice for actual blogging or portfolio building. However, they are useful as a quick marketing tool to humanize your brand and connect on a personal level to your audience.

For example, if your client sends you gifts, consider creating a collage to publicly thank them on your Facebook page (example here). As you snap pics of your personal life, consider throwing them in a collage and sharing them on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook. Speed and convenience are key for these types of quick marketing efforts. They pay off in the end because your fans and clients gain a personal connection to you through the collages.

Other Features of InstaPicMix

Besides the features I’ve listed above, here is a full list of the features.

– Multiple layouts for 1, 2, 3 or 4 pics
– Random option to pick up a template by chance
– Border styles and its colors
– Move and zoom photos within the frame
– Apply photo effects to the whole collage or individual pictures
– Apply the photo effects: vintage, trendy, classic and more.
– Add effects to a single pic or to the whole collage
– Adjust Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation
– Choose one of the featured creative fonts
– Change text color and its size
– Place your caption where it fits best
– Share on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or via email
– Save in the Camera Roll

InstaPicMix Images and Screenshots

See screenshots and images below



Download InstaPicMix

Download in the iTunes store here.