Just a few weeks after Instagram announced it new feature to help the “no bullying” rule, they will now be removing accounts that share “nudity or Sexual activity”.

The policy change will allow Instagram to delete accounts that break too many of its rules during a undisclosed set period of time. Basically, up until now, they only removed accounts that had “a certain percentage of violating content.” What percentage that was…well, we still don’t know that and it’s still in effect, but with this new rule, IG can take down accounts that break their rules in a shorter period of time.

The good news though, is now Instagram says it will send warnings to people whose accounts are in danger of being deleted for breaking to many of the rules (as seen in the screenshot above). Previously users could have their accounts removed without any warning, leading many to believe they were hacked and no knowledge of why it was removed, only to start again and have the same process repeated.

What does this mean For Boudoir and Nude Photographers?

Simple, share your work but DO NOT share nude photos or photos that can be considered as erotica on Instagram & Facebook, (as they will see this as sexual activity), even if “censored” appropriately to bypass the AI and Account Modorators.

Where Should You Share This Kind Of Work?

As it stands you can still safely share this type of work on Twitter or your own website with an 18+ enter only. Why? Well it’s been rumored that google has been also shadow-censoring more of these sites that do not have age protection and feature inappropriate content. Age protection isn’t anything new for websites, and if you’re creating and hosting content that could be viewed as inappropriate, then it may be in your best interest to re-do your website to ensure you have the proper entrance walls. This way it’ll help protect your business, marketing, and page rankings with google!