AI Photo Editor, Impossible Things, has launched their next gen update that includes cropping and straightening, better consistency, a better predictive AI algorithm, and other improvements. The Lightroom AI editor, created by preset maker DVLOP and SLR Lounge, first launched in February of this year with their “early access” version. Since the initial release, the team has worked on improving the system for better results and more consistency and added important features for photographers. Let’s dive into each improvement.

Cropping and Straightening

straighteningImpossible Things has introduced two new editing features – Perceptive Cropping and Perceptive Straightening. These can be used separately or together.

The cropping will avoid cropping out key people or objects, while the straightening option will work towards proper straightening without forcing an image level against the intended artistic composition. These options are available now and will respect the photos original aspect ratio.

Consistency Algorithm Called the “Nest Engine”

nest engineImpossible Things has also designed a consistency algorithm that they call “Nest Engine.” This engine will be at the core of their predictions and aims to solve the primary feedback they received during early access: consistency. The Nest Engine has a visual memory and will recognize images that are shot in sequence, in the same lighting scenario or in the same setting. It will group like images into “Nests” and treat them as similar with a little bit of mathematical magic. The results are that similar images will be given nearly the same visual treatment while still allowing for the individual needs of the image to be met.

Better Predictive Algorithm for Better Results

learningAlong with the incorporation of the Nest Engine, Impossible Things has overhauled the predictive and training methods. The new, next generation version results in fewer edge cases or editing anomalies, and the predictions are significantly improved across the board. If you weren’t getting the results you wanted before, these new changes make it worth giving another shot.

Plugin Auto Updating Released

The plug-in itself will now look for new versions and update itself. This will be the last time you will have to run the DVLOP & THINGS installer to keep up to date with the latest features. It will check for updates when Lightroom starts. If there is an update, with your permission, the plug-in will update itself in 1-2 seconds.

Lightroom Crash Detection

Impossible Things has also integrated a smart system to identify Lightroom malfunctions. Depending upon system resources, Lightroom may crash whenever it gets overworked. Upon restart, Impossible Things will now report the number of images successfully edited before the crash, ensuring that those are added to the free re-edit list (for subscribers), and automatically return the unused credits after a few short minutes.

Unlimited Re-edits

re editsSince launch, Impossible Things also added “unlimited re-edits,” the ability to re-edit any image originally edited using Impossible Things without any additional fees within a 24 hour time period.  This feature gives users the ability to test out different Lightroom Presets and Cloud Styles to find the perfect match for the shoot or scene.

The re-edit feature is not only meant for fixing, but also for enhancing creative abilities of an artist.  Experiment with your own presets or try a cloud style to find the perfect match for your image.

Additional Cloud Styles

cloud stylesSince launch, Impossible Things has also introduced new Cloud Styles.   Cloud Styles are the different looks and styles that come built in to Impossible Things.  You don’t need to purchase any preset packs, and they are available for everyone to use.  The cloud styles currently available include:

  • A Fist Full Of Bolts – Myage
  • Chrisman Studios – Columbia
  • Eric Floberg – Ravenswood
  • Jeff Newsom – Razzle Dazzzle and Shenanigans B+W
  • Jose Villa – 400 Hybrid
  • Nirav Patel – Lotus Remix
  • The Kitcheners – Reemotive
  • Two Mann Studios – Mannhattan

How to get started

To get started, go to where you can try it out with 500 free credits. For more information on the core features of Impossible Things, such as Cloud Styles, Custom Tuning, and more, see our previous post.