As we gear up to bid adieu to 2015, many of us have already made our New Year’s Eve plans. If those plans involve anything other than you curled up in your pajamas with your cat watching Netflix, you’ll probably encounter some fireworks. And if you’re a photographer (which, if you are reading this site, I assume you are), you’ll have your camera ready to capture some of the revelry and light shows to commemorate the new year.


Photographing fireworks can be tricky. Aside from the fact that some of you may have consumed a few cocktails beforehand, it’s cold, it’s dark, and the objects you are shooting are fast streaks of falling light.The Nikon Europe video below has a quick few tips that can help you photograph fireworks. Photographer Neil Freeman tells us how. Since it’s a Nikon video, the gear they use is, of course, Nikon, but the tips are not camera specific.

Using a tripod, you will set the camera on its lowest ISO setting. You’ll shoot in shutter priority and bracket a few shutter speeds. That’s basically the bulk of the 1:22-minute video. For more tips, check out our article on getting amazing firework photos: 5 SIMPLE TIPS FOR TAKING AMAZING FIREWORKS PHOTOS.

If you do go and try some of these techniques tomorrow night, please share some of your images in our Community Group here. Stay safe and warm!