Anyone migrating to or adding a mirrorless system will be confronted by the reality that every lens change leaves your beloved sensor immediately and perilously exposed to the elements.

Buying a Panasonic GH5, a Fuji X-H1, or a Sony A7 III means that you no longer have a mirror as the first line of defense against an unseen horde of floating particle invaders seeking to ruin your images and strand you in front your computer screen cloning and healing them out. But fear not, the ever-informative Tony Northrup has some tips and accessories to help you avoid the frustration of a dozens or even hundreds of images ruined by a dirty sensor.

There are of course more conservative approaches to cleaning your sensor.

1. Send it to the manufacturer for a fee.
2. Built-in sensor cleaning in your camera’s menu.

But, if you want a more thorough and DIY method, take a look at the VSGO Camera cleaning kits. Apply their cleaning solution to their custom sized swabs to gently wipe your sensor of dust, pollen, spit, or whatever else you manage to get in there. The entire process is simple and clearly demonstrated in the less than six-minute video below.

M43 Sensors – $15.99

APS-C Sensors – $15.69

Full Frame Sensors – $18.99

Note: VSGO advises, as Tony notes, that their customers use their product in a more thorough fashion that Mr. Northrup displays in the video below.

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