The last 9 months have been trying on everyone in the world, but no one more so than the front line workers in our health-care departments. They take risks beyond measure on a good day without a global pandemic in the midst….but over the last while things have been pushed even harder with those tasked with saving our lives. To honor their sacrifice, dedication, and extremely hard work both physically and mentally, Hasselblad and artists Cooper & Gorfer created a single work of art to depict the struggle these front-line workers have experienced.

The pandemic has been a terrifying event in our lives. Some of us losing loved ones and others their livelihood, the drama streams constantly on our media feeds, leaving most of us feeling helpless. We found ourselves wanting to humanise the story. By getting close, it enabled us to face our own fears. The arts have a place in reclaiming this. The vulnerability of both the patients and healthcare workers needs the nuance of the creative approach to best capture it.

– Sarah Cooper & Nina Gorfer

Sarah Cooper & Nina Gorfer collaborated with the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and members of it’s ICU to create the piece titled Delerium  (using the Hasselblad H6D-100c and HC 50mm) depicting the stress and struggle the healthcare workers have pushed through during this pandemic. Inspired by artists from the Renaissance, Cooper & Gorfer created their final image in their version of a battle scene where the nurses and doctors were the warriors. Be sure to watch the full BTS video and read the accompanying blog post on Hasselblad’s official page here to get all the details and see the finished images in their full brilliant glory.