Question: When you put two pit bulls in a photo booth together, what do you get?

Answer: Two adorable dogs kissing.


Bumper and Willis, pictured above, are rescues. Bumper was found in a rough area in St. Louis when a dog fighter tried to get her to fight. She wouldn’t engage. A little boy “lured her away” and got her to a local dog rescue, according to her owner. A few years later, Willis was rescued from the largest dog fighting ring bust back in 2009.

To raise awareness for a local St. Louis pit bull rescue, Mutts n Stuff, Lynn Terry photographs dogs. Lynn used to be a cat person, but then one day, her ex-boyfriend gave her a pit bull as a gift and she fell in love. “I have a personal affinity for the breed. They are the underdog and I want to do what I can to change public opinion about the breed.” She loves photographing pits also because, they “make some of the best faces.”

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A few years ago, she put two other pit bulls in a photo booth and loved the result:


For Valentine’s Day this year, Lynn set up her photobooth and invited people to bring their dogs for some puppy love pictures. The results? Paw-sitively delightful. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

pit-bull-photo-booth-love-3 pit-bull-photo-booth-love-4 pit-bull-photo-booth-love-5 pit-bull-photo-booth-love-6

Now that the photos have gone viral, Lynn is thinking about putting together a photo book. She is also selling her prints on Etsy, with a portion of the proceeds going to Mutts n Stuff.

You can see her work of other animals (and people) on her website and Facebook.

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