Pye, Hanssie, and I were on the ground for WPPI 2014 in Las Vegas this week and we had a great time. Due to some technical difficulties, I was not able to post about the show while in Vegas like I had planned, so I wanted to do a quick recap of what I saw and things that stood out at this year’s show!

The Comodo Orbit

We checked out some great products, but one that really stood out was the new Orbit camera stabilizer from Comodo.


The Orbit looks like one of those products that could be really big. Coming in at only $1500, it is not only much cheaper than similar products, but it is extremely well made and looks very solid. It looked to be extremely easy to use, and easily transferable between camera operators if an exchange was needed mid shot.

You can find the Comodo Orbit on B&H now for only $1449!

Sigma 50mm F/1.4

One of the other great pieces of gear that we were able to check out was the brand new Sigma 50mm F/1.4 DG HSM, and boy, was it a beauty. I have heard and seen the specs about this lens and its size, but I was not prepared for how much larger it was than my Sigma 50mm F/1.4 (the old one).


Surprisingly though, the weight was not as bad as I was expecting based on the size. I think that a lot is being made about the weight by people who have not even held the lens. Is it heavier that the current 50mm, yes, but as far as heavy lenses go, this was not some insanely heavy piece of glass. I could easily see myself running around with this lens handheld with no issues.

Sadly though, Sigma is still being hush hush with image samples (though some did leak last week if you missed that) and pricing on this lens. But they did say that availability within the next several months is the goal.

You can learn more about the Sigma 50mm F/1.4 DG HSM from the Sigma website here.

ShootProof Partners With Triple Scoop Music

My personal favorite online proofing and ordering company, ShootProof, announced a new partnership with Triple Scoop Music in conjunction with the roll out of their new full screen slideshows.


The partnership allows for¬†unlimited streaming of all of Triple Scoop Music’s 13,000+ songs in ShootProof Galleries and Slideshows.¬†Access to the full 13,000+ songs will be $10 per month or access to any 100 song collections such as Weddings and Love, High School Seniors, etc. will be just $5 per month. Sounds like a great alternative to a service like Animoto or other slideshow services.

[Rewind: Click here for Animoto Discounts]

According to the guys at ShootProof, these new features and the partnership plans with Triple Scoop Music will start rolling out to customers within the next few weeks. You can learn more about Shootproof via my previous review here, or you can head over to their website to learn more about them and what they offer.

My Overall WPPI 2014 Experience

Overall, I had a blast at WPPI! I really did not know what to expect, as this was my first year, but I came having made some great connections and checking out some of the cool new gear on the market.


I was able to meet people I had only ever seen in videos online, people like Lindsey Adler, Scott Kelby, Zack Arias and Jen Rozenbaum. I only wish that I had been more prepared for what I was in for. Business cards were getting handed out everywhere, and I totally forgot to bring mine.

I was only able to stay the first two days, and it just wasn’t enough. I feel like there was so much that I did not get to see, and so many people I would have liked to talk with that I simply didn’t have time for. Next year, I will definitely make the time for all three days and come better prepared. Hopefully – tech difficulties aside – I will be able to provide some live coverage during the show.

Did you attend or follow the action from WPPI 2014? What were your thoughts on this year’s Expo? What stood out to you? Share your thoughts in a comment below to join the discussion.