As you probably know from my writing here over the last several months, I am primarily a sports photographer. The majority of my work lately being my local high school sports teams and the NWSL Portland Thorns soccer team. Sports photography can be a tricky business, and its one of the few photography fields where there is still a lot of insider knowledge not known to the public.


PhotoShelter recently released this awesome new guide on Growing your Sports Photography Business and if you are looking into getting into Sports work then this is the guide for you. The PDF guide, which you must enter an email address to receive, is packed full of great information on starting and building your sports photography business with tips from the likes of Sports Illustrated’s Director of Photography Brad Smith.

This 35 page PDF Guide is broken down into 14 sections, each with valuable information on the sports photography field and how you can take advantage of opportunities to further your sports photography career.

If you are are all interested in pursuing Sports Photography as a career, or even as an advanced hobby then you should check this guide out. It is completely free, all you need is to supply them with your email and they send you the PDF. You can download and learn more baout the Guide from the PhotoShelter product page.