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21 May 2024

Soft Box

sɑft bɑks
Description: Term: Soft Box
Description: A soft box is a light modifier commonly used in portraiture that, in effect, turns a small, bright light source (such as a strobe) into a big, soft, semi-directional light source. Compared to umbrellas (which tend to spill light everywhere) or other similar modifiers, soft boxes provide very directional, controlled light.

Soft boxes generally come in square, hexagonal, or octagonal shaped domes, with a structure that can best be described as similar to a small tent.

softbox with grid without

Numerous lighting modifiers are available for softboxes, including a “grid” of black criss-cross pattern material, which gives very directional control over your light and minimizes light spill. The final look that can be very dramatic, with highlights and shadows, and yet still be incredibly soft. Using a soft box, you can create dramatic portraits selectively choose where the light will fall on a subject’s face/body.

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