Just a few weeks ago we reported on a rumor that the long-ago announced “Pixel Shift” firmware would be coming by the end of November, and it appears the rumors were true! Today, FUJIFILM has officially released Firmware Version 3.00 for the FUJIFILM GFX100 digital camera (GFX100), which adds the Pixel Shift, Multi-Shot function to the GFX System’s flagship mirrorless camera. The firmware update allows photographers to create images with 400MP of resolution. Also available today, is the new software application, FUJIFILM Pixel Shift Combiner (Pixel Shift Combiner), which will allow the 16 RAW images created by the new Pixel Shift, Multi-Shot function to be combined into a single, 400MP image. It also facilitates tethered capture capability when used with the Pixel Shift, Multi-Shot function.

“This simple capture-to-edit workflow is a great solution for fine art or still life photographers, because the additional resolution creates images with incredibly accurate color reproduction that are high in detail and rich in tonality,” said Victor Ha, senior director of marketing and product management, FUJFILM North America Corporation, Electronic Imaging Division.

Fuji GFX100 Firmware 3.0

Use the new, Pixel Shift, Multi-Shot function to faithfully reproduce nearly every detail and to achieve optimal image quality with 400 megapixels of resolution.

  • Using state-of-the-art technology to create an image: Utilizing the GFX100’s 102MP large-format sensor*1, high-precision, in-body image stabilization mechanism (IBIS) and its powerful X Processor 4 image processor, the Pixel Shift, Multi-Shot function slightly moves the image sensor by 0.5 pixels to incrementally record high-resolution RGB pixel information over the course of creating 16 RAW images. Those images can then be imported into Pixel Shift Combiner, to create a single 400MP image, and outputted as a DNG RAW file for further processing in Capture One or any other compatible photo editing software.
  • Preserving detail, one pixel at a time: The Pixel Shift, Multi-Shot function reproduces fine detail and color accuracy by shifting the image sensor so that each pixel records image data in red, green and blue. This allows for unparalleled color reproduction, with next to no false colors occurring, even in the finest of details. This benefit makes it the perfect choice for digital archiving and preserving works of art, cultural assets, and any other applications that require immense color fidelity and the reproduction of fine details.
  • A simple workflow for tethered or untethered applications: In addition to combining and outputting DNG RAW files from images created through the Pixel Shift, Multi-Shot function, Pixel Shift Combiner also provides photographers with tethered capture functionality to allow for a seamless transition from making images to combining, and, subsequently editing, them in Capture One or any other compatible photo editing software.


“For those working in the archival or cultural preservation fields, these new functions are especially valuable to photographers documenting historical artifacts or large works of art, because they can be preserved digitally at 400MP, with color reproduction that only Fujifilm can provide,” said Ha. “With the Pixel Shift, Multi-Shot function, GFX100 can now be used to precisely record these artifacts so that they may be shared with future generations before they are lost forever.”

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In Addition to this news, Fuji has also announced the release of a custom GFX100 camera designed for Infrared Photography! Read the full press release below;

Fujifilm Introduces FUJIFILM GFX100 IR (Infrared) Large Format Mirrorless Digital Camera

FUJIFILM North America Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of FUJIFILM GFX100 IR digital camera (GFX100 IR), a uniquely specialized version of its GFX100 large-format mirrorless digital camera, now with infrared image-making capabilities, which can be produced upon order for professionals in forensic, scientific, and cultural preservation fields. Infrared images can now be made at 100MP – and even at 400MP through GFX100 IR’s new Pixel Shift Multi-Shot function – to reveal intricate details within a subject or scene that can only normally be seen through the infrared spectrum.

GFX100 IR also includes the ability to:

Make images in the infrared spectrum at an incredible 100MP or 400MP of resolution

Images made of a subject within the infrared spectrum can reveal details that a regular (non-IR) digital camera or the naked eye cannot see. For example, in the field of forensics, this can be an important tool in helping to identify counterfeit documents. For individuals working in cultural preservation, GFX100 IR can be used to analyze pigments in works of art and historical artifacts, even if they have degraded over time. Using the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot feature on GFX100 IR can create 400MP images with incredible detail and little-to-no color fringing.

“Using GFX100 IR with the Pixel Shift Multi-Shot feature is invaluable for cultural research because reviewing images in infrared could lead to unlocking the secrets of some of history’s most treasured artifacts,” said Victor Ha, senior director of marketing and product development for FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “It can also be an incredibly powerful tool for researchers using the images to evaluate works of art or pieces of evidence.”

Use special filters to make images within specific wavelengths

Different IR filters in front of the camera lens can be used to make images at various wavelengths, which can reveal different details within a subject. However, using the appropriate IR cut filter will allow GFX100 IR to be used normally (i.e. in the same manner as the standard FUJIFILM GFX100 digital camera) to make regular, color images within the visible spectrum.

Additionally, when the camera is set in a fixed position and paired with Capture One or a similarly compatible software application to engage tethered capture functionality, users can create images with the same angle of view. This enables them to maintain a simple capture to output workflow for maximum efficiency.


GFX100 IR is designed for forensic, scientific, and cultural preservation applications, and the product will not be made available to general photographers or customers for personal use. GFX100 IR will only be offered by specific, Fujifilm authorized retailers, and sales of GFX100 IR will be subject to a GFX100 IR User Agreement, which sets out the specific terms of use for the camera. GFX100 IR is currently expected to be available in the first quarter of 2021.