This week’s Friday Funny is an oldie, but a goodie. The video has been around for a few years, but hey, it’s Friday and we can all use a bit of humor in our lives.

The video below is a cringe-worthy compilation of practically everything a wedding photographer has ever heard during an initial bride consultation rolled into one.  It’s hilarious and actually quite true.

Actually to be honest as a wedding photographer myself, even though I often feel the same way this wedding photographer does, it quickly starts to sound rather pretentious when I hear it all put to voice.  So in a sense, hearing this conversation reminds me to stay humble.  Obviously this video was created as a humorous exaggeration, but if I ever actually feel this way about my clients in real life, (more than once a year or so) …then I might be doing something wrong, or I might need to take a vacation and get my cynicism back in check.  ;-)



If you’ve seen it before, enjoy it again. If not, well, it can provide a good chuckle or two because somewhere, at some point, we can all relate to how this poor (teddy bear?) wedding photographer is feeling.

Created by photographer Brian Kraft.

View the G-Rated Version (minus the bad language):

The Other Version

[Via @Youtube]