Here’s a compilation of random photography humor that we’ve found over the years.  Enjoy!

Your Photographer Name

It’s Friday and we’re a bit bored here at the office. So, we created this infographic.

My name is “Curvy Body.” What is your fun photographer name? Let us know in the comments below!

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Marlboro Diffuser!


Photographers Meme

The truth is sometimes hilarious.


The Deliciously Convenient Pancake Lens


A Little Competition


What the Duck?

This week’s Friday Funny is an oldie, but a goodie. The video has been around for a few years, but hey, it’s Friday and we can all use a bit of humor in our lives.

The video below is a cringe-worthy compilation of practically everything a wedding photographer has ever heard during an initial bride consultation rolled into one.  It’s hilarious and actually quite true.

Actually to be honest as a wedding photographer myself, even though I often feel the same way this wedding photographer does, it quickly starts to sound rather pretentious when I hear it all put to voice.  So in a sense, hearing this conversation reminds me to stay humble.  Obviously this video was created as a humorous exaggeration, but if I ever actually feel this way about my clients in real life, (more than once a year or so) …then I might be doing something wrong, or I might need to take a vacation and get my cynicism back in check.  ;-)

If you’ve seen it before, enjoy it again. If not, well, it can provide a good chuckle or two because somewhere, at some point, we can all relate to how this poor (teddy bear?) wedding photographer is feeling.

Created by photographer Brian Kraft.

This Videographer Is “Fired!”

..and not just for standing right smack in the middle of the stage during the ceremony, but being a tad too close to the candles. Bridesmaid to the rescue!

[Via RightThisMinute]

Wedding Photographer Gets “Baptized”

Even if you’re not anywhere near a lake, beware of bodies of water when trying to get that walking down the aisle shot. In fact, walking backwards while shooting probably should be one of those things you shouldn’t do as a wedding photographer.

[Via YouTube]