By popular demand, we are offering 5 free high resolution samples of our handmade paper textures!

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We’ve created a collection of 230 handmade photoshop paper textures that will help give your images a creative new twist. Of the 5 free photoshop textures, we’re including one texture from each of our categories:

  1. Foundation Photoshop Textures
  2. Grunge Photoshop Textures
  3. Burned Photoshop Textures
  4. Effects Photoshop Textures
  5. Blended Photoshop Textures

With these textures, you can begin to apply them to your images and experiment with a multitude of unique looks.  Whether it be adding a subtle craft paper texture to a light and airy portrait or creating a more grungy, scratched and stained look for your street photography, these paper textures can help you achieve your desired effects.

Images Created from Free Photoshop Textures




Free High Resolution Paper Textures Download


Download Full Resolution Here (5760×3840)


Download Full Resolution Here (5760×3840)


Download Full Resolution Here (5760×3840)


Download Full Resolution Here (5760×3840)


Download Full Resolution Here (5760×3840)

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If you love these paper textures and would also like to learn more about adding or blending Photoshop textures, check out our comprehensive workshop and Photoshop Paper Texture collection in the SLR Lounge Store!