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Fotodiox Announces New Excell +1 Budget Speedbooster For Under $160

By Anthony Thurston on July 10th 2014

Until today the only game in town was the Metabones Speedbooster, which for anyone who has looked into it knows, is very expensive. Fotodiox, a popular brand for budget photography equipment and accessories, has announced their own budget “Speedbooster,” called the Excell +1.

Just like the Metabones Speedbooster, the Fotodiox Excell +1 takes your lenses and adds about a stop of light to their max aperture, with the added side effect of shortening the focal length. So, for example, with a x2 crop, a 50mm lens would normally act like a 100mm. But with the speedbooster, the lens would act more like a 70mm, but with an added stop of light.

Fotodiox has said that the new Excell +1 will launch with Nikon G and Canon FD versions of the adapter, which will convert the Nikon/Canon glass to the Micro Four Thirds camera. The really interesting thing here will be the price on these new adapters, which Fotodiox will open at an introductory $139.99 price (only if bought directly from Fotodiox), before going up to their normal retail price of $159.99.


One has to wonder though, with the Metebones Speedbooster costing $400+, can the Fotodiox deliver than same performance (or even close)? Where did Fotodiox have to skimp to get the price down so low? If it was in the glass element, then image quality could be negatively impacted. It will be interesting to test these two adapters against each other to see if the Excell +1 holds up. Stay tuned in the future for a review.

If you are interested in one of these new Fotodiox Excell +1 adapters you can find them over on B&H, the Nikon mount version here and the Canon mount version here.


What are your thoughts on these new Excell +1 adapters from Fotodiox? Do you think they will be able to deliver the same, or at least comparable performance to the Metabones versions? Leave a comment below.

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Mark J

    Fotodiox fails again. Every test hitting the web right now has proved that this adapter is an optical mess. Blurry, inconsistent images, unusable wide open, and is an utter waste of money and time.

    This is a “3 strikes your out” scenario for me with Fotodiox… Again, they tricked customers into thinking this “Excell+1” is a “new” product and that it’s been “beta tested”, which it is completely and utterly false. There is no way anyone who knows how to use a camera actually tested these out.

    Bohus puts his name and reputation out there as the face of Fotodiox, and if I was him, I’d be completely ashamed of myself and of Fotodiox right now. This is the exact same scenario for many a while back when the previous adapter turned out to be unusable as well… Instead of getting rid of bad product, they are trying to cleverly re-sell the adapter as a “stylistic lens: Light Canon”… Do they really think that the indie filmmaking and photography market is that stupid? I think not.

    Skip out on this Fotodiox debacle, save yourself a bunch of hassle, pony up the dough for the Metabones Speedbooster, and leave Fotodiox to their shame.

    | |
  2. Christian Santiago

    Will this be compatible with the Nikon/Canon version of the Sigma 18-35 F1/.8? Ideally I’d like to plug that bad boy onto my GH4

    | |
  3. Lukas Gisbert-Mora

    will this be compatible with the Fuji x-t1?

    | |
  4. Brian Stalter

    I’d kinda like to know how they gain 1-stop of light.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Think of it sort of like a magnifying glass. The glass in the adapter focuses the light on the sensor, intensifying it, sort of like when killing ants, except not so extreme. haha

      | |
  5. Christopher

    Anthony, maybe we should compare the two units to see which is better .. well let’s gauge the reaction of the community .. if they think it’s a good idea, I think that would be a great comparison. Though I like my 100mm Macro, I feel like it’s very underutilized.

    | |
  6. Anthony McFarlane

    Cool gadgets!

    | |
  7. Timon Wang

    The market already has a myriad of other speedbooster choices, many of them built in China and sold on Ebay for around the same price as this Fotodiox one, but a fraction of the Metabones price, with many more mount options. So this competition is not new for Metabones- I personally have tested several of these “off-brand” adapters and they’re hit and miss. Nice to see one made by Fotodiox, but I’m sure it’s also made in China.

    | |