DSLR Rivals

History is full of great rivalries such as Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla; Magic Johnson vs Larry Bird; and Eminem vs M&Ms. In the DSLR world, there is no greater rivalry than Canon vs Nikon. Check out our video as we compare the entry level cameras from both Canon and Nikon.

Watch Entry Level Cameras Canon vs Nikon | Gear Talk Episode 11

Canon vs Nikon: Quality

Both Canon and Nikon make quality products, but Nikon does have the edge when it comes to build. We were using inexpensive prime lenses from both manufacturers, and when compared to each other, the Nikon lenses felt solid and robust while the Canon lenses were built from more plastic and felt like toys. Our good friend John Solano also mentions that he shoots Nikon because his mother picked Nikon over Canon due to┬áthe build quality (by doing the knocking test). Obviously, when you move into the more expensive lenses and cameras, the margin between Canon and Nikon’s build quality diminishes.

Winner: Nikon

Canon vs Nikon: Performance

The Nikon also has the edge in performance, and I’ll give you 2 reasons why: Dynamic Range and Autofocus. Across the board, from their entry level cameras to their professional cameras, Nikon cameras have better Dynamic Range and Autofocus. The Nikon also has better low light performance.

canon vs nikon

Winner: Nikon

Canon vs Nikon: Features

When it comes to features, the Canon has the advantage. The Rebel features a touch screen and Canon has invested heavily into the video functions in their cameras, so the Rebel doubles as an excellent film camera. If you’re looking to buy a camera that does photo and video well, then the Canon is the clear choice. The Rebel also has a live-view Histogram, which is a huge plus for Pye.

Winner: Canon

Canon vs Nikon: Value

Even though these cameras are considered “entry level,” their value is incredible. Both these cameras are capable of producing professional images, and we prove that in our “The Camera is Simply a Tool” video from our Photography 101 workshop.

Winner: Draw

Conclusion and More Gear Talk!

If you’re looking for an excellent stills camera, then the Nikon is the one we recommend, but if you’re looking to do both video and photography, then you want to go with the Rebel.We hope you enjoyed this episode of Gear Talk! For all the latest updates, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel!