Looking for easy and effective off-camera flash and lighting setups for your wedding photography? In this video, Pye Jirsa shares five simple lighting recipes for photographers that will help you create stunning portraits of couples using just a few flashes and MagMod modifiers. So if you’re a photographer looking for new lighting ideas to take your wedding photography to the next level, take 10 minutes to watch this video and then go out and practice the lighting setups. We can’t wait to see what you create!

#1 Wrapping Backlight

One of my favorite techniques, just backlight your subjects for a beautiful and moody glow. Here’s one of my favorite ways of doing it. 

Grab a MagGel 2, pop on a color of your choice. I like using orange to give the flash a nice and warm feel. Next, pop the MagSphere 2 on top.  For this technique, I love putting them into a closed pose where they’re looking at each other or touching foreheads.

You’re going to position the flash directly behind the groom’s shoulder facing up. The goal here is that the flash fires and wraps around our subjects as it bounces off their clothing and skin. 

Final Images

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wedding flash photography magmod PYE 5951

#2 Double Backlight

Let me show you one more backlighting technique, the double backlight.  This time, we’re going to use one flash for each person. One for him, one for her. Instead of it being right behind them, we’re going to place it 10-20 feet behind them. This is going to change the lighting pattern to more of a edging or rim light effect. 

Put each flash onto a stand and place them at the same height, I like it around the couples shoulder height. I’m going to add a CTO gel, because again my style is more of the warm natural tones. But pick whatever color MagGel you like, then go ahead and add a MagGrid 2 to each flash. 

For this shot, I’m going to have them do a dance floor twirl so we can see her dress open up. With the couple positioned, I’m going to place the flashes around 10-20 feet behind them and hidden behind where they’ll be. 

Final Image

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#3 Hollywood 2-Light

Since we have two flashes setup, let me show you a variation of a two-flash technique I call the Hollywood two-light. Because it’s a lighting pattern often used on production sets.  You’ll need two lights for this one. On each, place a MagGrid 2 to control light spill. If you like, you can also color each light to create a more dramatic look.  For fun, I’m going to use a blue gel for him, and a warm gel for her. 

You’re going to place your subjects back to back, and we’re going to position the lights behind them and angled forward. If you were looking top down on the scene, it would look like this. 

wedding flash photography magmod PYE 6021

#4 Softbox Short Light

Now, let me demonstrate a one-light short lighting variation that I’m constantly using.  I’m going to grab the MagBox and set it up quickly with one or two AD200s. Next, we’re going to find a wall or simple background like this one. From here, I’m going to position her behind him and we’re going to light into her side to create a silhouette of him that frames her face. 

Final Image

wedding flash photography magmod PYE 6087

#5 Boomed MagSphere (in-between couple)

Ok, let’s get a little crazy. I want to show you a technique that allows you to get your flashes into a unique position, which you can then remove easily in post. You will need an assistant for this one, but if you don’t have one, since you’re at a wedding you can ask pretty much any groomsman or bridesmaid to help out.

Let’s get an AD200 or any flash onto a stand that you can boom out. I’m going to place the MagSphere 2 on top to diffuse and send the light everywhere.   

Final Image

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