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In a different reality; Sigma 35mm F/1.4 DG OS Patent Revealed

By Anthony Thurston on April 22nd 2014

It is interesting to see what sort of things companies were trying out, but never ended up pursuing. In this case, I am referring to a couple of patents that have recently surfaced showing two different lens designs for the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG, one which features image stabilization.


According to the recently discovered patents, it seems clear that Sigma at one point was playing with the idea of adding OS to their 35mm F/1.4 lens. For whatever reason, that idea was not pursued and the other patent – which seems to feature the design of the current 35mm F/1.4 DG – was chosen over the OS design.

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In the end, that choice turned out to be a good one, as the 35mm F/1.4 really kicked off Sigma’s current run of form and put them on just about every photographer’s radar. Still, it is interesting to think about what may have been with the 35mm having the addition of image stabilization.

Overall, I feel like image stabilization on a 35mm lens is a bit silly for most uses other than handheld video work. I wonder if the addition of OS effected the optical quality to such a degree that Sigma decided to scrap it and stick with the ultra high performance of the design used in the current 35mm.

What do you think about this? Would you have liked to see the 35mm F/1.4 come out with image stabilization or do you agree with me that it is a little pointless on a 35mm lens? Leave a comment below and lets discuss it!

[via Sigma Rumors]

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  1. Jason Bobrich-Fechner

    I own One, and it is sharp, the cost also was a major factor coming in half of the equivalent Canon L version. By adding OS/IS would have been nice, so would have the cost. Would that additional cost plus potential loss of sharpness have changed my mind….Yes.
    Perhaps if I shot more video, the OS/IS would come into play, but Canon already has a 35mm F2 IS for slightly less price then the Sigma so that would have been my Video lens of choice.

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  2. Brett

    I have the sigma and it is very very sharp, even sharper than the nikon equivalent (rented one to see). Sure OS is always nice to have sometimes, but I have yet to really need it. I wouldn’t pay the extra $. Not worth it IMHO. Plus it would be even heavier.
    I however would pay a bit more for weather sealing!
    It is one of favorite lenses in my bag now, and the only 3rd party lens I own too.

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  3. Matthew Saville

    I think OS would be useful and welcome for low-light photojournalists and videographers alike, however the cost and weight and survivability may be changed too significantly. That, plus Sigma’s recent legal loss against Nikon over their VR vs OS might have been a factor, unfortunately…


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  4. Christian

    If they offer the 35mm or 50mm with IS/OS I will buy one or both in an instant! Many people find it useless to have stabilization at such fast apertures, but have you never been in lighting situations where even at f1.4 the optimal shutter speed (matching your desired ISO/noise level) was around something like 1/10th of a second? Non-moving subjects only, of course…

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