Street photography is one of those genres that I’m intensely fascinated by, and I love taking every opportunity to walk and shoot with an established street-shooter to learn as much as possible. I think that’s why I was so excited by the latest video from Sean Tucker, in which he hits the streets of Soho in London with talented street photographer Joshua Jackson to talk about creating mood and mystery in street photography.

In the video, Joshua shares his philosophy—the “why”—on how & what he photographs in the city he lives in. He also spends some time discussing the “curiosity gap” and how he uses this concept to mask and abstract his subjects, which then encourages his viewers to spend more time on his work to find out more. What is the curiosity gap? The curiosity gap is the space between what we know and what we want or even need to know.

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Sean’s final thoughts in this video on work ethic, drive, and how to define a style for your work really struck home for me and was a fun reminder to get away from my computer and spend more time actually creating. This video does come packaged with a short ad for Squarespace at the end, but the content is very inspirational.

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