TourBox recently announced the release of the 5th generation of their software, TourBox Console 5 (aka Console 5). This update introduces an innovative new feature called WonderFlow, which provides a unique customizable operation experience for post-production processing. In other words, you now have more control when dialing in an ideal post-production workflow. While you can find similar desktop consoles that offer a convenient, keyboard/mouse-free way of controlling your editing software, the Console 5 provides a host of distinct new features that we’ll briefly cover below.

TourBox Console 5 Highlights

Here’s a look at some of the highlights included with this update.

Customize Color Temperature, Exposure, and More to Boost Efficiency and Creativity

With this update, creators can bypass the limitations of native software and add frequently used parameters like temperature, exposure, etc., to the newly introduced DynamicPanel. As simple as it might sound, this customization actually empowers efficient post-processing and represents one of the standout features of the WonderFlow system, a function that the TourBox team says is inspired by extensive user feedback.

Intuitive Operations with Ease-Tuning Feature

When you customize the DynamicPanel, you can directly adjust the parameters on the panel. Simply connect the TourBox device and select the corresponding parameter with the rotary knob to modify exposure, white balance, and other settings without relying on the keyboard and mouse or searching for parameter bars in the native post-processing software. This allows for more control over every image.

MagicDrawer for Tailored Custom Operations

When performing more involved post-processing tasks, we often use multiple tools such as the eraser or layer adjustments. Console 5’s in-depth development integrates numerous post-processing software like Photoshop, Lightroom Classic and many other mainstream software, which allows us to place commonly used tools like layer blending modes and layer adjustments into the panel for quick access. It’s like having a virtual magic drawer, hence the name. Whatever you call it, it should help significantly streamline your workflow.

Intelligent Heads-Up Display (HUD)

Console 5 introduces an intelligent screen interaction and visual guidance system. This system works to dynamically display relevant function names based on individual work scenarios. Also, the HUD automatically hides to avoid obstruction when the mouse touches the HUD interface.

Preset Support

Console 5 has added comprehensive preset support for photography and editing, offering preset templates for applications such as Capture One, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. Advanced presets for Premiere and Lightroom have also been updated.

Moreover, TourBox made notable updates to its support for digital art. The TourBox team collaborated with over a hundred professional digital artists to create and verify official preset templates, making it easy for creators to access a wide range of functions. Whether it’s Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool SAI, or Photoshop, TourBox provides plug-and-play functionality. As a result, beginners can use the corresponding presets and achieve a master-level operational experience.

Where to Find TourBox Console 5

TourBox Console 5 has been officially released, so TourBox users can update their console for free via the official website’s Console update. Those new to TourBox can pick up a TourBox NEO ($169) or TourBox Elite ($268) to take advantage of all the new features that Console 5 offers.