For as many questions aspiring photographers possess, there are as many answers available. And, while it always helps to glean insights from a seasoned professional, there is also a benefit to learning from someone who is only a few steps ahead.


Today’s emerging photographer faces different challenges than the established 20-year professional had to face.  Evan Ranft is an Atlanta based photographer who has a relatively young career but still offers some helpful nuggets of advice that combine insights from the new and old school way of doing business.

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1 – Networking: Quality v Quantity

It isn’t enough to meet people, it’s about meeting the right people. Positioning yourself to build deeper and more beneficial relationships with someone who has achieved the success you’re seeking is a more efficient way to network. The best networking connects you with people who not only are like-minded but are similarly driven. That’s how you identify the quality relationships.

2 – Learn Video

I couldn’t agree more with Evan on this point. Video is becoming the center of gravity of social media content. A relevant skill set for rising photography professionals includes knowledge of shooting and editing video. If it’s not in your toolbox you’ll undoubtedly end up paying someone who has it in theirs. Its another way to make money and market yourself, so learn as much as you as soon as you can.

3 – Understanding Your Value

Likes don’t equate worth and yes, that sentiment sounds cliche. But, sometimes sayings become cliche after being stated repeatedly because people don’t listen.

Any creative that puts their passion into practice to pursue a career feels the sting of rejection, apathy, and even constructive criticism more vividly. When you encounter these responses, you may take it as a sign that you have no talent when in fact the causes are something else entirely.

  1. The truth is you may not be good enough, yet. (Emphasis on the “yet”) 
  2. Perceived apathy may be your impatience. The world may not have found you yet.
  3. Constructive criticism means that someone cares enough to help.

Good morning Atlanta.

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