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Capture Camera Clip System Official Product Review

By Pye Jirsa on February 10th 2012


Basic Information

DVD Name: Capture Camera Clip System
Cost: $79.99
Subject: Belt and strap camera mounting clip system

Intro Video

Capture by Peak Design from Peter Dering on Vimeo.

Full Video Review

Pre-Conclusion Conclusion

Of all camera clip systems that we have seen and tested (and there have been quite a few) Capture Camera Clip System has by far been our favorite of the bunch. Capture Camera Clip is simply the most versatile camera mounting system allowing you to attach your camera virtually anywhere you have a strap or belt available. It’s simple design and quality construction makes it a clear choice for anyone looking for a camera clip mounting system. So, with all that praise, you can of course bet that it is SLR Lounge approved!

Full Written Review

The Dessert (The Pros)

1)Simplicity – Capture Camera Clip is incredibly simple to use. In fact, I was able to get it properly mounted without even having to read any manuals, which is a wonderful feat of design engineering on its own. However, the best part in the design is that it doesn’t require a companion “belt” to work properly like many other camera mounting systems. The Capture Camera Clip can easily attach to belts and straps of different thicknesses allowing you a variety of options in where you would like to place your camera.

2)Durability – The Capture Camera Clip is extremely well built. It is made from die-cast metal and should hold up to a beating quite well. This makes it perfect for adventure photographers who need mounting systems that can really take some punishment while they are trekking to their photo destination.

3)Price – With an $80 retail price, the Capture Camera Clip System is actually one of the more affordable camera mounting solutions. Most camera mounting clips and solutions start at $100+.

Now for some veggies (The Cons)

1)Messenger Bags – There really isn’t any cons when it comes to the Capture Camera Clip System. I feel it is necessary to point out one thing, which is that you will need to attach the mounting system to a strap that is more secure. Such as the strap on a backpack or on a belt as shown in the video. As shown in my review, the Capture Camera Clip system doesn’t work as well on more loose straps that you would have on say a messenger bag as it would flop around. This really has nothing to do with the design of the product, I simply mention it because some of you may have the intention of using it with a messenger bag system. Which I wouldn’t recommend unless that particular messenger bag has a very sturdy strap.

Is It For Me?

If you are looking for a belt and strap mounting camera system, look no further. Capture Camera Clip is by far the best camera mounting system currently available on the market. With a fair price of $80 vs $100 or $140 for competing systems, this makes Capture Camera Clip System the sure winner in the present line up of camera clip mounting systems. Check out more details at

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Ed Rhodes

    bought their “slide” strap, its working great so far

    | |
  2. Anonymous

    One thing to note on this system… which they state on the website… is that this system is really not designed to be used with a battery grip or for the larger body cameras such as the 1D from Canon. It would be great if they came up with something but for now I think you’re left with something like the Spider Pro system. Not sure if there is anything else. If there is, I would love to know because the Spider is on my wish list. 

    | |
  3. Mitch

    You forgot to mention that the release plate is Arca-Swiss compatible. 

    | |
  4. Joe Gunawan

    Awesome camera clip system. I rode a bike from Santa Monica Beach to Manhattan Beach and back (30 mi trip) with my camera on my side w/ this. Never fell out, rock steady on my side the whole way, and I can bust out my camera within seconds to take photos!

    Joe Gunawan |

    | |