For the Canon shooters out there who need a distraction from the current Coronavirus pandemic, Canon Rumors has some fun morsels on the rumored Canon EOS R6. Comparing it to the current Canon lineup of cameras, this camera should fall into EOS 6D slot. This is a camera for amateurs and pros who don’t need the absolute best camera money can buy, but who also want a beast of a camera. This thing look like it’s going to be incredible and a serious improvement over the current Canon EOS R (the camera I shoot with exclusively right now). The most interesting revelations are that it will include IBIS, up to 20fps shutter, 4k at 1080p, and dual card slots. Who doesn’t love dual card slots?

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Canon EOS R6 Specifications (from Canon Rumors):

  • 20mp full-frame CMOS sensor
  • IBIS
  • 12fps mechanical and 20fps electronic.
  • 4K @ 60p
  • FullHD @ 120p
  • Dual card slots
  • No top-down screen
  • Lower resolution EVF than the EOS R5
  • Build quality not as good as the EOS R5
  • New battery (Not sure if it’s the same as the EOS R5)
  • June 2020 launch (We think a May announcement)

My Thoughts

From what’s been released so far, this looks like a camera a lot of people in the Canon ecosystem are going to buy as an entry into Canon full frame mirrorless. It’s specced to the hilt, and if it’s priced around $2500 it should be a tempting option for photographers who can’t quite shell out whatever the EOS R5 is going to cost (I’m guessing $3500-$4000). The downside of this camera though is that it’s rumored to have only a 20mp full frame sensor. That’s enough megapixels to take great photos, but won’t give you much wiggle room to crop down if you need to. Also the lower build quality, lower resolution EVF, and lack of a top-down screen may turn some people off. That said, I’m excited to see this camera when it’s announced (perhaps around May, although that will likely depend on what happens with the pandemic). I, for one, will probably have one of these in my kit along with the Canon EOS R5 in the near future.

What do you think of these specs? Would you consider this camera? Is 20mp enough?

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