Rumors have been swirling lately that Canon is working on a professional mirrorless camera that would have a hybrid EF/RF sensor. Exactly how this would work in terms of engineering, though, has been a bit of a mystery. Now, a new rumor from Canon Watch suggests that the camera will feature a moving sensor. That is, the sensor will adjust the flange distance based on which lens is affixed to the camera.

This is an exciting development if true and would mean Canon mirrorless shooters could access the full array of incredible Canon glass without having to use an adapter. According to the rumor, this camera will also be in the EOS 1D X tier of cameras, making this the perfect camera for photojournalists, sports, and wildlife photographers who depend on the high quality zooms in the EF lineup but also want to be able to access the newest and best lenses from Canon’s RF offerings. It will also be a great camera for people who have lots of EF glass and want to slowly build their collection of RF lenses. I for one am really excited about what Canon will be announcing in their mirrorless lineup in 2020.

Are you excited about the prospect of a professional level EF/RF hybrid Canon EOS R? Let us know in the comments below.

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