Have you ever wanted to carry anything in your camera bag, but was not able to because of the camera specific design? How about the opposite, you wanted to carry your camera equipment in your regular bag, but it would not provide adequate protection?


Enter the Brevitē, a camera bag designed to be just as good as an everyday bag as a camera bag. The Brevitē was designed and developed by three brothers after one of them, a student-photographer, could not find a backpack that fit his needs as both a student and a photographer.

The bag is currently on Kickstarter, and is seeking your support to earn $30,000 to put the bag into production so that many photographers can benefit from its special design. It is not a unique idea, a multipurpose bag, but I have found that many bag always place more focus on one aspect of use more than others – this bag seems to have a good balance.

Brevitē Bag Features

  • Removable protective insert
  • Arrangeable dividers
  • Interior compartment dividers
  • Memory card holders
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Books and folder compartment
  • Front gear access door
  • Quick access door
  • Small easy access pocket
  • Two medium size pockets

Personally, I like what they are going for. The bag looks like an average backback, and would not draw the attention of nefarious characters looking to steal your gear. The cap holder on the strap would be super convenient, and the side opening door to grab just your camera is a feature I think all camera bags should have.


I am curious to see how the market receives these bags. They are not super stylish, but they are not meant to be that way. For a student, or someone who needs a good all-purpose bag, as well as a good camera bag, this seems like it could be a killer option.

If you are interested in supporting the Brevitē, you can find their Kickstarter campaign here.